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Laser and LED Treatments: Which Is Better?

There is quite a bit of controversy among light therapy proponents about the therapeutic value of lasers, which produce coherent light, versus LED and incandescent sources, which produce incoherent light. Laser enthusiasts, backed by a large body of research, claim...

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The Power of Intent in Acupuncture Practice

Here is a fascinating question: Which of these factors is most significant for healing our patients: 1 the specific clinical techniques we administer, such as insertion of needles into well-chosen acupoints, giving herb formulas, physical therapy, bodywork, and so on;...

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Facial Rejuvenation: Good Medicine?

During my years of teaching, I have heard various attitudes expressed about so-called “facial rejuvenation” by my acupuncturist students. The significant profit potential of offering this service seems to be a major motivation for most to want to learn it, yet many...

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