“After 30 years in practice it is remarkable to see pain disappear before your eyes… I now feel confident treating a variety of pain cases and expecting immediate results”

 Jake Paul Fratkin,
OMD, L.Ac. Boulder, CO

“I am thrilled not only with the results my clients are experiencing with the Ideal Weight Program and the Facial Rejuvenation treatments, but at how quickly the Acutron paid for itself. I was able to recoup my investment in a span of 5 weeks! Thank you.”

~ Jenya Hampton,
Beautifully Balanced

“From the standpoint of a Chiropractor I’ve got to get though a lot of people quickly… I started using your methods and my results are way better, ten times better… I’ve used lasers on these points, all of it seems to work but this has definitely been a much, much bigger difference… I get big noticeable changes in seconds.”

~ Stewart Edrich,
D.C., Los Alamitos, CA

“I love my Acutron, it is the only piece of equipment I own that has paid for itself.., one client in particular at the 14th facial, had lost 10 pounds, and balanced out her cholesterol and blood pressure medication to where the Dr. put her on half doses….she never misses a month for follow up, nothing like a client for life! Thank you again for the wonderful webinars!”

~Jane Elzy

“Thanks! Yes I’m using microcurrent electro-acupuncture quite a bit for orthopedic (arthritis) and sports related problems. I am the team acupuncturist for a triathlon team and it’s amazing how well athletes respond to combination treatments you taught me…”

~ Gerry Dunphy,
L.Ac., Brazil