Customer Service Procedures and Resources

Ordering Products

All orders for cosmetic crèmes, accessories, TENS pads, books and other supplies are now done through the new online shopping cart. There will no longer be staff taking live orders over the phone. Access the shopping cart at You do not need to be a member of Microlight Institute to order products. Periodic discounts and specials will be posted on the cart.

The first time you place an order you will be prompted to create an account. You can log into that account for all subsequent orders. After you place an order you will receive an emailed invoice, and the fulfillment company will be notified to ship you your product. There is a contact form on the shopping cart that you can use to request customer service for your orders.

Purchase Equipment

You or those you refer can continue to order new equipment – Acutron, VB1000, SLS Color Light Probes and Acutron upgrades. Eastwestmed will continue to support all Acutron/VB owners. If you are interested in purchasing or financing equipment send an email to A knowledgeable live person will be in touch with you very soon. Make sure you include your phone number and the best times to reach you.

Alternatively, you can fill out the request form at and type your specific requests or interests into the text field. The quickest method to get an reply, however, is to send an email to .

Eastwestmed loves to pay generous referral fees to owners who refer their friends and colleagues who subsequently purchase equipment. Email us for details.

How to get equipment repairs

If your Acutron, VB, Light Probe or other equipment requires repair it will need to be sent to our service center in Tucson, Arizona. In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly it is crucial that you follow all these steps in this sequence:

Click here to open the Equipment Troubleshooting Guide which will guide you through simple troubleshooting steps you can do for yourself. This will help determine if your issue may be something you can resolve yourself, or if it needs to be sent in to the service center. Go through any troubleshooting steps suggested and see if you can fix the issue yourself.

If you do determine that your equipment requires repair open the Repair Requisition Form. Fill out all the blanks completely and clearly and then click the Submit button at the bottom. This form will allow you to describe the issue that needs to be fixed, and request repairs.Make sure you include your date of purchase and equipment serial number. You can find that on the back of the device. Our staff will look at your submission and make a determination about what is needed.

If your equipment needs to be sent in pack it very carefully. For Acutron or VB1000 units it is best to return them in the same packing material it was shipped to you in. If you do not have your original packing material any more make sure that the equipment is securely packed with thick bubble wrap all around it and securely boxes. It may be worth having a professional packing place like the UPS Store pack it for you.If you will be returning any accessories for testing and/or repair such as the power adapter or Color Light Probe make sure that they are also packed securely in such a way to keep them separate from the Acutron so there is no possibility of damage during shipment. The best way to do that is to put accessories in a smaller separate box that is in the same carton as the Acutron. Insure your shipment and always get and save your tracking number.

Eastwestmed is not responsible for any damage or loss of your equipment that occurs in transit.

Print out two copies of the Repair Requisition Form. Keep one for your own records, and put the other one in an easy to find envelope and put it inside the carton at the top, taped to the wrapped equipment. On the outside of the carton mark it “EWM equipment for repair”. Ship Acutron, VB1000 or Light Probes that require repair to:

Mastek InnerStep
ATTN: EWM Repair Dept.
3280 E. Hemisphere Loop, Suite 140
Tucson, AZ 85706

Insure your shipment and keep your tracking number handy.In most cases, you do not need to ship any of your accessories with your Acutron or VB. In some cases you will be contacted to request that you do send your power supply or Light Probe. If you do send any accessories make sure they are securely tagged or labeled with your name and contact information.If you have any other accessories or peripherals that needs servicing, do NOT ship them to Mastek until you have received authorization from a staff member.

Once your equipment has been received it will be evaluated to determine what is needed to fix it. If your equipment is still covered by original warranty the repair cost will be covered unless there is evidence of abuse or misuse. If your equipment is out of warranty you will be contacted with a repair cost quotation. No out of warranty repairs will be performed until the repair cost is prepaid.

You can communicate with us about your repair by emailing to:

Getting Training

The Microlight Institute has an extensive library of training videos and articles online, plus CEU courses on a variety of popular clinical subjects, a Member Forum, Practitioner Directory and more. Joining the Institute as a Member is the best way to gain valuable clinical and business development skills. To join simply go to and click the Membership button near the top of the page. You have two options for joining:

Free Access: This is not a membership but simply a way for interested people to get on the list to receive webinar notifications, and be able to purchase courses and products. Free Access does not offer any of the member benefits listed next except receiving the Journal.

Community Member: This is Membership in the Institute. For a low monthly due Members receive:
24-7 access to the extensive Knowledge Base
Participation in the Member Forum
List your practice in the Practitioner Directory with option to participate in co-marketing programs
Receive the Microlight Journal
Join certification programs
Get discounts on one-to-one or small group tutoring. These services are available for clinical skills development, equipment training and coaching for business branding or marketing.New Acutron or VB1000 purchasers will continue to receive initial training included in their purchase. Once that initial support has been offered all ongoing training and support will be through the Microlight Institute.
Join the Institute at

Getting Help with Webinars and Seminars

If you are attending a live webinar and experience technical difficulties, follow these guidelines:

No sound: Make sure the speakers on your computer are powered and turned up. Check the audio settings on your computer to make sure your sound is not muted or turned down. In some cases the sound may go out temporarily due to technical issues with the webinar software or internet lines.
No picture on your screen: You may need to renew your video software or drivers on your computer.
In many cases all you need to do is log out of the webinar and then log back in using the link in your invitation.
If none of this works call the GoToWebinar support line at: 1.800.263.6317 and follow the prompts, or check

If you are enrolled in a live seminar and need customer support, send an email to (do not use this for webinar issues).

Other Feedback or Communications?

As a virtual office Eastwestmed no longer has live staff to answer your incoming phone calls. We have made great efforts to provide channels to help you get all your support and training needs met. Please carefully look through the options above to get the help you need. Below is a handy summary of how to get the help you need by category:

Order Products:

Purchase or lease an Acutron, VB1000 or Light Probe:

Get your equipment repaired or upgraded: See above, and fill out the form at

Get training, tutoring or coaching: join the community at or purchase personal coaching or tutoring

Webinar help: See above

Contact Dr. Starwynn for personal communications that are not in one of the above categories: email him at He will not be able to help you with repairs or customer service issues at this email (as you can imagine). For those needs use the channels provided.

Want to give feedback that is not in a category listed above? Sound off on . Better yet, join the Institute and participate in one of the Forums to be part of a lively conversation to benefit all concerned.