What women really want

Remember the Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt movie “What Women Want”?  This email is to offer a better answer to that question.  Hey guys – this applies to you too, but I couldn’t think of a catchy movie title that includes men but I am talking about you also.

Why do people come to us?  What motivates them to want to return and become loyal patients?  Important questions to get clear on.

My best answer is that it is the degree of value we deliver that truly determines whether our practices will be struggling, so-so or highly successful.  This simple formula applies:

  • Offer limited value and have a struggling practice and finances
  • Offer moderate or inconsistent value and have a so-so practice, one with lots of ups and downs
  • Offer consistently high degree of value and manifest a highly successful practice

So what is the greatest value we can offer our patients to ensure that our practice gets into the “highly successful” bracket?

To answer that we need to understand what “women (and men) really want”.  After 30+ years in practice here’s what I see that they REALLY want: 

   #1:  Rapid relief for what is paining or concerning them.  They want to be wowed and impressed by the results so they know that you can help them more than all the other disappointing results they probably had in the past.

  #2:  They want the hope that they can get deep, long-lasting resolution for their issues and not just temporary fixes.

  #3:  Finally, they want to go to someone they respect and trust, and look up to as an authority in his or her field.   

If you feel that you are already fulfilling all of these – wonderful and congratulations!  If you could stand some improvement in these areas, my team and I can help you.  

Learning and adding vibrational medical techniques to what you are doing is the fastest way to boost your scores in all 3 of these vital areas.  Using it can dramatically increase your results and help you deliver more rapid results.  Frequency-based therapies are the most powerful way to create longer carry-over of pain relief and facial rejuvenation.  Light therapies help you directly tap into the body’s Living Matrix, promoting healing in a wide range of conditions including:

Peripheral neuropathy




Chronic back pain

Post-stroke syndrome

Chronic fatigue

Eye diseases

to name a few.

This is the time to step up.  If you are ready to do what it takes to put your practice onto the “highly successful” level and give more of “What Women (and Men) Really Want” then click this link and get out your appointment book.

You are also welcome to contact the East-West Seminars office and talk to someone live at 1.888.803.7397.

 Dr. Starwynn




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