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May 17-19 Albuquerque, New Mexico

(Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel)

Superior Pain Relief & Rehab with Microcurrent Electro-Acupuncture Sequence Therapy

Energy Light Facial & Whole Body Rejuvenation

Color Light Emotional and Psycho-Somatic Healing System

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“From the standpoint of a Chiropractor I’ve got to get though a lot of people quickly… I started using your methods and my results are way better, ten times better… I’ve used lasers on these points, all of it seems to work but this has definitely been a much, much bigger difference…I get big noticeable changes in seconds.”

~ Stewart Edrich, D.C.
Los Alamitos, CA

Is Your Business Seeing These Kind of Results?

What You Will Learn:

Friday, May 17th

Microcurrent Sequence Therapy for Rapid Pain Relief and Accelerated Rehabilitation

The 6 most powerfully effective electro-acupuncture techniques for acute and chronic pain relief. These techniques are so effective because they are based on Universal Laws of energy movement.

Dr. Starwynn’s Sequence Therapy system that he has refined over more than 30 years of clinical experience. Using this method will allow you to confidently approach your most difficult pain challenges, and learn how to determine best treatment through an organized inductive process that can be performed in 15 to 20 minutes per patient

Organ energetic evaluation system using kinesiology. Fast and accurate with high patient compliance

Using the power of polarity, frequency and color to accelerate the acupuncture effect without needles, with maximum carry-over of relief

4 forms of unattended therapies that accelerate injury healing, reduce inflammation and help to switch on neurologic function in patients with degenerative conditions

Treatment protocols that increase effectiveness for treatment of low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, osteoarthritis of the knees, fibromyalgia, sciatica, migraines, plantar fasciitis, shingles, peripheral neuropathy and more

Saturday, May 18th

PNE Therapy for Psycho-Emotional Healing

Soul Power Qi Gong to help develop your own healing and intuitive abilities

Mu-Shu Color Electro-Acupuncture – This evaluation and treatment method is excellent for disorders of the autonomic nervous system, digestive issues and many psycho-emotional imbalances

PNE Therapy™ evaluation methods – Learn to use kinesiology and pendulum dowsing to clearly determine the spin patterns and relative balance of the 7 chakras. Learn to read these patterns to determine psychological/spiritual patterns underlying chronic pain, depression, fatigue, OCD and much more

PNE Therapy™ treatment system – Practice hands-on. Both your left-brain skills and intuitive abilities will develop as you practice in this location.

Integrating acupuncture points with psycho-emotional properties into the PNE Balancing treatments, including 8 Extra Vessel master points

Weave core healing into your pain relief, esthetic and internal medical treatments that touches the soul practice on a higher level and give your patients more of what they really need behind their complaint

Sunday, May 19th

Energy Light Facial & Whole Body Rejuvination

Hands-on training in Energy Light Rejuvenation™ (ELR) – a highly effective non-needle facial and whole body rejuvenation system using microcurrent, color light and natural skin care products

How to add a new stream of passive income with ELR by contracting with an assistant to perform it for you in your un-used hours of office space

Body sculpting and cellulite reduction methods

How to integrate esthetic treatment with ancupunture, emotional balancing and other healthcare treatments for a complete health and beauty service that will set your practice apart

The 7 Phases of ELR

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Fees: (early registration discounts offered through May 16th)

All Three Days: $495 regular, $425 early registration price – Register Now

Single Day Registration: $225 per day – Register Now

Any two days: $395 – Register Now

Attendance at Day 1 is a prerequisite for attending Day 2 unless you have been to an East-West Seminars event in the last 2 years. There is no prerequisite for Day 3.

Location and Lodging:

Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel
2910 Yale Blvd. SE,
Albuquerque, N.M. 87106

Special East-West Seminars rate of $99/night offered. Call 505.843.7000 to book your room, ask for “East-West Seminars rate”. Hurry, discounted rooms are limited and will sell out on this busy weekend.

Free shuttle to and from Albuquerque airport available from the Sheraton

“I am very grateful that you have created this dynamic process for unwinding pain patterns that have been difficult to treat. This is no longer an issue. With the .. diagnosis as well as the traditional methods of TCM diagnosis, your state of the art presentation has set the highest standard for the medical healing arts.”

~Maxine Shapiro
Lic. Ac., NCCAOM, LMsT
Newton, MA

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