Inner Circle Webinar – December 10, 2014

Frequency Specific Microcurrent: Creating and Modifying Protocols – Inner Circle
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Microcurrent Webinars OnlineIn this webinar Debi Weiss and Darren Starwynn will present a clear system for building and customizing highly effective clinical protocols using series of therapeutic microcurrent frequencies. This can be applied with various microcurrent devices. Dr. Darren will also introduce his new FSM Module add-on for the Acutron system.

Webinar Info

Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 7:30 AM PDT

Instructor: Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. & Debi Weiss


Fee: Free with Inner Circle membership

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This webinar will cover:

  • What is FSM, and how and why it works
  • Review most commonly used frequencies, guidance from instructors for most effective ones
  • How to build a simple sequence for unattended microcurrent therapy – pain relief, digestive issues, immune enhancement, rejuvenation and more
  • How to integrate FSM with Microlight therapy
  • Introduction to FSM Module to allow Acutron to automatically run FSM sequences and more
  • Case histories, Q and A