Would you like to unlock your full potential for producing high-level clinical results more consistently? Are you ready to get off the income roller coaster and earn what you’re worth, with less stress? If so you will want to understand the hidden energy blockages that may have been affecting you, and the Quantum way to clear them.

In this unique webinar Darren Starwynn will share his insights about why so many acupuncturists and holistic practitioners have not realized their greater potential for being masterful healers and teachers. What you learn may surprise you! You will also gain valuable resources for unlocking your potential by working with the power of consciousness.

Here is what you will learn:

• Common energy blockages that affect acupuncturists and holistic practitioners

• Specific methods for removing persistent energy blockages that are based on consciousness

• The Quantum way to boost clinical results – using the same techniques you are already practicing

• Ways you can go farther in this learning

Thursday, November 16th 3 PM – 4 PM Pacific time
Saturday, November 18th 9 AM – 10 AM Pacific time

Free of charge

Note from Darren: I have helped hundreds of acupuncturists and physicians become more clinically effective and financially successful over the last 25 years. I have done this by sharing advanced knowledge, new technologies and mentoring. Now I am bringing you a higher level of technology – a technology of consciousness that will allow you to rapidly clear obstacles that have been holding you back from your full self-expression. My greatest wish is to help you release your brilliance and really put it out there. This will help you serve many more ideal clients who need your help, and be well rewarded financially for doing so.

Comments from some past seminar attendees about Darren Starwynn

“Thank you for helping me with moving forward in my healing work! I definitely experienced a shift in my energy and felt many blockages disappear. The underlining darkness that I felt draining me for years has lifted away” ~J.P., patient

“My business has increased by 45% since I started working with Darren. I had to hire an assistant because I just couldn’t do it myself anymore.” ~Lisa M., Acupuncture Physician, FL

“Before I started working with Darren I had a busy practice but now I am flooded with clients. I have a list of people waiting to see me.” ~Andrya Lopez, Holistic Therapist, CA

“Please, please keep doing what you are doing. No one is doing this spiritual work for acupuncturists. I am increasing my vibration quickly and exponentially.” ~Kristine B, L.Ac., CA

“I must say that your class was the best one I have ever been in!!!!!… I feel like I have been waiting a long time and you showed up. So thank you, my friend, I am so very grateful :)” Gail Brent, Acupuncturist

Questions? Email the instructor at info@drstarwynn.com