Energy Light Rejuvenation: Lifting Wand Techniques

August 14, 2013 – Energy Light Rejuvenation: Lifting Wand Techniques $19 fee

Wednesday, August 14 at 8:00AM – 9:00AM
Instructor: Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

Experienced practitioners of microcurrent facial rejuvenation love using the lifting wands, also called bar probes. These are an ideal adjunct to Microlight facial rejuvenation techniques. Learn the latest techniques for applying both the slim wands and body wands.

Some topics to be covered:

  • Overview of ELR and how techniques enhance each other’s results
  • Key techniques for treating jowls and sagging neck muscles – root and branch
  • Using slim probes to enhance facial rejuvenation – top techniques revealed
  • Body sculpting techniques using the larger body wands – belly, thighs, butts, breasts

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(Fee: $19)