Special Webinar Series – July 2014

Clinical Applications Webinar Series

This series of Pathophysiology modules, beginning July 9th, will explore internal medicine by examining the structure and function of key energetic systems. Lifestyle issues of toxicity, diet and stress generating root pathological changes will be identified. Clinical Microcurrent Webinars Onlineassessment tools and treatment protocols incorporating acupuncture, microcurrent, nutrition and succinct supplementation will be discussed to lend practitioner support.

Long before the empirical medicine of Hippocrates (460-351 BCE) Chinese Medicine grounded itself in physiology with the theory of Yin–Yang. (Book of Changes / Yi Jing ~ 700 BCE). The concept of physiological balance, homeostasis, zheng, is at the core of TCM. To understand anatomy and physiology, structure and function, is to understand Yin and Yang.

Disordered physiological processes, pathophysiology, presents in clinical practice. It is fundamentally important to discern such energetic aberrations and patterns in order to restore zheng and treat our patients properly.

Course schedule:

July 9Pathophysiology of the Liver & Detoxification

July 16Pathophysiology of the G.I. System & G.A.L.T.

July 23Pathophysiology of the Lymphatics, Immune System & HPA axis

CEUS: Acupuncture CEUS will be made available for these classes, included in your pricing. They will be issued in August from the Microlight Institute.

Special Pricing:

Webinars can be purchased individually for $29 each – or get all 3 July 2014 Clinical Application Modules for just $79 – a 10% savings!
Can’t make it to the live event? Price includes complete video + slides (PDF) of all 3 webinars