Advanced Rejuvenation: Standardized Intake Form and Guidance for Best Results 90 minutes/$49 fee

December 11, 2013: Advanced Rejuvenation: Standardized Intake Form and Guidance for Best Results 90 minutes/$49 fee

Wednesday, December 11th at 8:00am – 9:30am PST
Instructor: Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. and Jane Mann, Esthetician

facerejuvJoin expert panelists Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. and Jane Mann, Esthetician for Part II in the Advanced Rejuvenation series. This class gives you a practical, very useful tool for assessing individual clients and determining the best ways to customize facial rejuvenation treatments for them.

When offering facial and body rejuvenation services it is crucial to be able to provide the best, most rapid results you can for client retention, and to inspire purchases of packages of sessions. Registrants for this class will receive a download of a customized intake form created by Jane and Darren. This form will guide you in doing a very thorough intake, and then using the information gathered to select optimal treatment methods for individual clients.

Some topics to be covered:

  • Elements of a thorough esthetic intake
  • Going over the intake form and all the necessary elements
  • When referrals to other professionals are needed
  • Review of most effective microcurrent and light techniques, and how to match them up with individual client needs
  • Role of nutritional supplementation for improving facial rejuvenation results – some people need this more than others to get the results they are looking for
  • How to adapt recommendations to keep clients improving over a course of treatments
  • Introduction to the topic of class #3 in this series:  “Estheticians Who Heal Too Much” – how estheticians can use microcurrent techniques to support overall healing in their clients while staying within their scope of practice

(Fee: $49)

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