Darren_080_2667x4000pix_cropped 4Attn:  Acupuncturists and Holistic Physicians

Reboot Your Practice:

3 Actions You Can Take Now to Attract More Ideal Clients & Expand Your Income

Instructor: Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

Date:  Saturday, April 8,  9 AM – 1 PM PST

Although this live event has passed, the complete webinar recordings, notes and handouts are now available for purchase. Register on this page to have them sent to you.

Fee: $55


Format: Online live Zoom webinar – participate from your own home or office and earn CEUs

This four hour workshop is for acupuncturists and physicians committed to learning to identify those ideal clients they would love to work with, and the secrets for filling their practice with many more of them. This hands-on process of self-discovery includes specific methods for clarifying your branding and your offers. You will learn highly effective methods of Education-Based Marketing and how to infuse it with your unique essence.

Ideal clients are: Those who naturally resonate with you, respond well to your treatments and can afford to pay you. This population is sometimes called your “tribe”.

By participating in this workshop you will be able to:

Grasp the bigger picture of what really makes you magnetic to your ideal clients (this may not be what you think!)

Identify your area of natural brilliance, from which you will make your greatest impact and be most magnetic. Tip: most practitioners are only PARTIALLY tapping into this

Identify who are your ideal clients and how to connect with them

Learn how to communicate with your tribe using languaging that specifically resonates with the way they think. Tip: Most marketing communications are INEFFECTIVE because they do not connect with the audience most likely to use the practitioner’s services.

Are you a leaky bucket? Assess the ways you are losing energy and hence limiting your success. Learn powerful techniques for sealing your leaks and building your energy field. Tip: This is the #1 factor for “walking on water” clinical effectiveness and natural ability to magnetize new ideal clients.

Build your purpose power – What you are doing now may reflect what inspired you many years ago. Get a fresh update on your clarity of purpose and watch your effectiveness grow.

Teaching Methods: Your comprehension and practical take-aways will be increased through a combination of lecture, storytelling, writing exercises and fun dyad partner exercises.

Brochure pic DSA note from Darren: I have helped hundreds of acupuncturists and physicians become more financially successful over the last 25 years. I have done this by sharing advanced knowledge, new technologies and coaching. Now I am bringing you a higher level of technology – a technology of consciousness that will allow you to rapidly clear obstacles that have been holding you back from your full self-expression. My greatest wish is to help you release your brilliance and really put it out there. This will help you serve many more ideal clients who need your help, and be well rewarded financially for doing so.

Some testimonials from Darren’s professional clients

“My business has increased by 45% since I started working with Darren. I had to hire an assistant because I just couldn’t do it myself anymore.” ~Lisa M., Acupuncture Physician, FL

“Before I started working with Darren I had a busy practice but now I am flooded with clients. I have a list of people waiting to see me.” ~Andrya Lopez, Holistic Therapist, CA

“Please, please keep doing what you are doing. No one is doing this spiritual work for acupuncturists. I am increasing my vibration quickly and exponentially.” ~Kristine B, L.Ac., CA


Questions? Email the instructor at info@drstarwynn.com