Salaries: Acupuncturist vs. NBA?

Did you ever think about how stock brokers, bankers, basketball players and corporate officers are making really big bucks while most dedicated holistic doctors and healers are often struggling to make it?  

This is not to dis basketball players, but don’t you think that professionals like you and me should be able to do a lot better and enjoy more rewards for all of our dedication.   Yes!  But how???

Take a split second to think about history (don’t let your eyes glaze over, stay with me here).  What has elevated serfs to middle class and in many cases leveled the playing fields of society? 

The main answer is technology.  Technologies we take for granted now have created huge unprecedented shifts in society.  Just think about the telephone or the automobile and personal computers/smartphones.

There is also a very powerful technology that can expand your sphere of influence.  Something that can elevate your practice from where it is now to a much more profitable and empowered level.

That technology is vibrational medicine.  You will see – vibrational medicine will be the one of the Next Big Things that will revolutionize human society.  Why?  Because it taps into one of the great universal laws that govern all things in the Universe – the Law of Resonance.  To put it simply, this law states that if you can vibrate with something you can immediately shift it. 

The Law of Resonance was responsible in ancient times for allowing the Hebrews fleeing the Pharaoh to topple the walls of Jericho by beating drums and blowing ram’s horns.  It is the basis of all musical instruments.  It is also the basis for many advanced weapon systems.  Very powerful.  And you can harness this power to produce rapid and impressive results for your challenging patient cases.  These are the encounters that can make or break your reputation.  

That last thing is key.  I do think we need to do many kinds of marketing for our practices.  But the #1 kind that has the most impact is having a troupe of patients roaming your city singing your praises.  They are singing because you surprised them by helping them more than they expected.  And faster than they expected.  The fastest way to blow a patient’s mind is to EXCEED their expectations, especially after they have already searched from doctor to therapist to doctor for help before coming to you. 

Now be honest.  Upon reading that do you have an inner voice saying “Right, maybe some acupuncturists (or whatever) can do that, but I’m not sure that I am talented/outgoing/powerful enough to do the same”?   Again I will tell you that the right technology can level the playing field so you don’t have to be the top in your class to wow your clients with rapid, impressive results.

The only way you can step into the cutting edge is to educate yourself.  If what you read here “resonates” with you – and you really do want to make this the year to expand your sphere of influence in your community and really do better – think seriously about getting yourself to my upcoming live seminars in Chicago.  You need to invest in the best training to expand and this is it.

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Here are a few comments from participants at East-West seminars this year:

I feel that his seminars provide information that takes my acupuncture practice to the next level of truly working on both the emotional/spiritual and not just the physical.  I love the generosity of sharing all he knows.  I love the things that he also teaches to help me in my own spiritual growth and healing.  Maria Antonopoulos, Lic.Ac.  Baldwin, N

Excellent seminar.  Dr. Starwynn weaves so much information into his presentation, and it is well organized and fun.  The written materials to take away are invaluable resources later.  Thank you for the best CE program available and your work developing these tremendously effective microcurrent and light protocols.  Jean Rose, L.Ac., Tucson AZ

Dr. Starwynn is one of the leaders and pioneers in our field.  He is on the cutting edge of the new ideas and techniques.  His advanced teaching methods adds to the ability of everyone’s basic skills.  Adrian Melero, Acup. Phys., Miami Springs, FL

Loved this class!  Not many teachers are addressing psycho-emotional issues in TCM.  Notes are packed with reference materials so I am ready to go the day after the course.  Very thorough, clear and concise.  I feel confident applying this info immediately.  Kristine Buckley, L.Ac., Pleasanton, CA

Slides, demos, case studies and movies brilliantly illustrated how techniques worked.  I enjoyed also feeling the changes during our demos with my partners.  Vanessa Ferandell, L.Ac., El Monte, CA

Absolutely wonderful course – important work for us to know and to help patients.  Scott Sommer taught incredible information, cutting edge techniques.  Jennifer Klich, Acup. Phys., Gulfport, FL