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When: Sunday afternoon, November 22nd , 4:30 – 7:00 PM.
Musical meet and greet & refreshments starts 4:00, come early!     Please like the event facebook page and invite your friends to it!

Where: Mill Valley Golf Clubhouse, 267 Buena Vista Ave., Mill Valley (free parking)

Donation: $20 – $35 sliding scale

Raising funds for: Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity, a Marin 501(c) (3) organization which serves youth ages 18 – 25 who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. Your donation will be doubled through AHO challenge grant.

This event will be available by Livestream – you can enjoy it and share your light from anywhere! If you wish to attend by Livestream click the RSVP link and purchase your ticket. Then click the link “I will attend remotely” to get on the list.

The Reconnection Project is a groundbreaking multimedia event that will give attendees a tangible experience of higher dimensional healing energies, while raising money to help end youth homelessness. A lineup of gifted and dedicated musicians, sound healers and spiritual teachers/facilitators will share their inspiration and upliftment at this event. Those who have confirmed are listed below.

Feelings of dis-connection are at the root of most mental and emotional problems, and are a core reason for increased conflict and polarization in our world.   Higher dimensional light brings harmony, unity and spiritual awakening. Be one of the caring people who comes together at The Reconnection Project to help bring an infusion of light to our community and the Earth. Your Light makes a difference!

Confirmed Presenters for The Reconnection Project:

Gordon DavidsonGordon Asher Davidson – Gordon will share his latest overview of how our world is being transformed by the Galactic/Earth Light Alliance, bringing ever-increasing light and love to our planet  helping us to create a lighted New World for all life on earth.   He is a visionary writer and teacher for over 40 years, author of The Transfiguration of Our World    link


Zara babitzkeZara Babitzke, MA, Founder and Executive Director of Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity (AHO) nonprofit organization, will speak about the growing trend of homelessness among teens and young adults ages 18 to 25 in Marin and nationally. She received the prestigious Jefferson Award for Humanitarian Service, Hero of Marin Award as a role model and has been nominated for the 2015 Marin Women’s Hall of Fame.In Marin, AHO is the only support for these forgotten young people, which represent 28% of the homeless population in our community.     link

Christine Hodil new resChristine Hodil – She will offer “Source Healing and Awakening”: Sound Invocation, Alignment, and Activation.  She is a metaphysician, sound healer and vocalist, medical intuitive, frequency channel, spiritual teacher, and initiator with over 30 years experience helping people radically transform. She is also the founder of RENEWAL Energetics™ rapid physical trauma healing which uses the creationary power of Source consciousness at the juncture where spirit becomes matter.    link

Darren SDarren Starwynn – He will share a multimedia presentation: What is 5D? and The Unified Field meditation.  He will also channel a 5D crystal light transmission.  Darren is a 5D healer, acupuncturist, healing device inventor, songwriter and author, and Reconnection Event coordinator    link


Timothy Surya Das cropTimothy Surya Das – He will present a lovely and deep transformational sound meditation using a variety of sound healing tools.  He is an accomplished sound healer   link



Scott GracecropScott Grace –  Scott will present 2 original songs, one of which he will channel in the moment.   He is an author, speaker, songwriter and modern day troubador.  the “Spiritual Dr. Seuss”.    link



Christy MichaelsChristy Michaels – Will lead an experiential meditation:  “Celebrating Divine Feminine wisdom”  –  Priestess Christy Michaels, M.A., 5 years ago had a spiritual vision of a sacred ceremony that honored the consciousness of Mother Mary for conceiving light and birthing an avatar.  A couple of months later she was standing before over 100 people leading this ritual as if she had always been doing rituals.  The visions keep coming and now 100’s of people join her walking a 6 station ritual telling the story of Easter through Mary Magdalene’s Eyes, every Easter evening at Unity In Marin.  The transmission of the ‘living” energies of our sacred has transformed her life .   link

Susannah RSusannah Redelfs – Will channel a profound 5D message & transmission.   She is a master 5D Healer/teacher, clairvoyant and medical intuitive    link



Jenai LanecropJenai Lane –  She will offer a powerful healing transmission and blessings.   Jenai has transformed leaders on the path of awakening during the last 15 years in her worldwide Spirit Coach® Training Programs. As a highly sought after intuitive, coach, and trainer, she certifies coaches in this life-altering method that helps people effortlessly co-create from spirit. She is the author of “Spirit Led Instead: The Little Tool Book of Limitless Transformation.  Jenai has appeared in media world-wide and is an award-winning entrepreneur.   Her new course “A Spirit-Led Life” Online Course begins January 16th, 2016   link

Peter WinchellPeter Winchell – Peter will lead group participation for his composition “River of Life”.   He is a 5D communicator, composer and musician, the founder of The Dialogue Game   link



Shima MoorecropShima Moore –  Shima will lead us through a Stargate Activation & Meditation to set up a high-frequency vibratory field to allow us to connect us with benevolent beings including angelic realms, ascended masters and StarFamilies.  ShimaEvents co-creatrix of The Reconnection Project / AHO Fundraiser and 5DHC Marin will serve as our Mistress of Ceremonies. link


Debra Clawson –  Debra will offer some of her amazing original music –  Debra is a healer and songwriter who can belt out rock, folk, ballads and originals. As lead vocalist for The Dave Matthews Blues Band, The Tickets Band and The 7th Sons, half of Double Flame and one of four female vocalist in The Femmes Fatales, she has generated an extensive fan base throughout the NorthBay.


dan headshot2

Daniel Craig Morse and the 5D Transitions Support Group will share about the nature of the 5D work they have been doing in Sebastopol for the past 3 years.  Daniel is a 5D group facilitator and writer/presenter on the Gnostic creation cosmology of Christ-Sophia as inspiration and guide for the awaking of our divine Light and Christed Bodies.


Audrey BlakerAudrey Blaker – Audrey will play and sing her original song “Julia Butterfly” which is very much in synch with the spirit of serving homeless youth.   She is an accomplished singer/songwriter from Mill Valley.



And, many thanks to these event sponsors who are contributing food and AV support:

Special thanks to John Roulac, Nutiva, Richmond

Miyokos Kitchen, Fairfax

SpicePharm, Sebastopol

Good Earth Natural Foods, Fairfax.

Whole Foods Market, Miller Ave MV

Tom Atkins, AE Video & Web Design, Novato

Peter Winchell, AV, 5DHC Marin co-creator,

Please contact us right away if you would like to participate as a sponsor of The Reconnection Project, AHO Fundraiser: