#1 Reason Patients Leave Your Practice

If I were to ask you what the #1 reason is for patients getting unsatisfactory results and leaving you, what would you answer?

Of course there could be many reasons, but what is the most important one? (ruling out bad smells, rude front office people and police barricades blocking the door).

After 30+ years of clinical practice my answer would be…. FAILURE to treat both the Root and Branch of your patient’s complaints.  If you are unfamiliar with those Chinese Medical terms, they basically mean:

Root:  The underlying conditions of body and mind that pre-dispose people to sickness, pain or depression.

Branch:  The actual complaints and symptoms they are paying you to relieve.

Most practitioners are focused on treating symptoms and complaints, as that is much easier to do.  Training in effective Root treatments is complex, and requires strong diagnostic abilities.  It is as much of an art as it is a science.  That is why not as many do it well.

Would you like to know a rapid, powerfully effective way to evaluate and treat the Root of your difficult patient’s complaints?  If so watch this 3 minute video:

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