New book by Dr. Starwynn now available: “Healing the Root of Pain” – special short time rebate offer

Healing the Root of Pain

It has taken 18 months of intensive work for Dr. Starwynn to complete his new book, and many people have been eagerly awaiting it.  It is now ready to ship.

Healing the Root of Pain offers detailed instructions for treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain and other mind-body disorders using Dr. Starwynn’s PNE Balancing system.  The book includes principles and techniques for therapeutic use of color light, microcurrent, sound, essential oils, acupuncture, auricular therapy, intuitive counseling and soul healing methods, all for effectively addressing psycho-emotional issues.

A simplified system for integrating these methods in a brief therapeutic session ties it all together.   The book includes new color artwork, profuse photos, diagrams and reference charts, and is 246 pages long.

Cost $54.95.  To order click here or call East-West Seminars at 1.888.803.7397



Dr. Starwynn wants as many reviews as possible for this book launch.  If you order by August 16th and write a short review of the book by September 13th you will get a $15 rebate on your purchase.  Here are some guidelines for writing a review:

1.  You don’t have to read the whole book to write a review – Although reading the whole book is best you can just read the intro chapters and then skim through the rest.  Look through the Table of Contents and read chapters of interest.

2.  Reviews need to have specifics in them – just saying “I love it, it’s great” is not a good review.  Write some specifics about what you like about it, what un-met needs it fulfills, how it can help you in your practice, and you can include some quotes from the book you liked.  Constructive criticism is also very welcome – write what you think can be improved to make it more useful, clearer or better organized.

3.  Reviews do not have to be long – just half of a typed page can be sufficient, but feel free to go longer.

3.  The best reviews are those that are enthusiastic and strongly encourage others to read the book.

If you wish to review the book and get the rebate purchase a copy of Healing the Root of Pain by August 16 and email your review to  by September 13.  Once Dr. Starwynn receives it he will notify the office to give you your rebate.

To order click here or call East-West Seminars at 1.888.803.7397