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Microcurrent Devices and Self Care for Holistic Practitioners

When was the last time you took time to care for yourself? We spend a great deal of time talking to our clients about taking the time to care for themselves, but how frequently do we do that ourselves? Something I've talked about in the past is the notion of self-care for holistic practitioners. Too often we get so entrenched in doing work for others, trying to run our businesses, and trying to have personal lives that we forget that we have to care for OURSELVES, too. We spend a great deal of our time evaluating people and offering techniques, but we also teach and inspire. We take the time to create space that's conducive to self-healing, and we help people to see themselves in different, perhaps more positive, light. We also provide crucial human contact to our patients. Through all of this, we rarely take the time to do the same for ourselves as self-healers. There are things that we must do as healers to help keep ourselves healthy and able to provide these wonderful services. Here are a few tips for keeping yourself at your prime so you can help others:

1. Maintain good emotional boundaries with your clients. A lot of holistic work involves delving deep into some very personal issues. Having strong, healthy boundaries is a necessity to ensure that you are able to successfully work through those issues.
2. Be selective about choosing your new clients. Muscle test, screen, take the time to make sure that your clients are as much a fit for you as you are for them.
3. Take time for yourself- to refresh, to play, to recharge your batteries so that you're able to offer your skills without being stressed and overworked.
4. Get your own regular healing sessions! It's far easier to help others get healthy if you're keeping yourself as healthy as possible.

As healers, we aren't just working at a job—we're doing what we're inspired and called to do. To stay "fresh" and keep grounded, we have to keep in touch with that inspiration. All these tips are meant to help us stay grounded and healthy so that we can remember why we're called to the work that we do. Any other tips? What do you do as a practitioner to take care of yourself? What techniques do you employ to screen your patients, or to maintain boundaries? When was the last time you were treated with a Microcurrent Machine? Let us know in the comments below!

Further, if you want to learn how Microcurrent Device and neuromuscular stimulators can help you and help your patients, give us a call right now!

Microcurrent Device: Demysitified

See how microcurrent Device work and what they can do for your practice!

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