Are You Looking for the Right Microcurrent Device to Power Your Business?

Are You Looking for the Right Microcurrent Device to Power Your Business?

2 colors smallGetting the right microcurrent device can greatly enhance your acupuncture, holistic medical or esthetic business. When practitioners get the right microcurrent device and start experiencing the results they fall in love with it. This happens to even previously techno-phobic practitioners. They fall in love as they see how they are able to relieve pain better and faster, or get excitement and buzz going about their new facial rejuvenation service. They love that they have a highly versatile tool that is boosting their clinical confidence in the areas of practice they needed more confidence in.

This web page is provided to inform you about the AT Microlight microcurrent instrument, so you can make an informed decision if it is the right choice for you.
First you need to understand the differences in machines and how you envision using a microcurrent machine in your practice.

The AT Microlight has many features not available on other machines. It is not the simplest microcurrent machine on the market and there will be commitment of time to learn to use it properly.

One of the biggest reasons that people purchase the Microlight is because it is capable of treating a wide variety of patient conditions.

The AT Microlight is the only machine currently on the market that lets you combine color light therapy with microcurrent therapy.

It offers:

  • Microlight Therapy – Treatment probes combining microcurrent and 12 colors of therapeutic light – used for pain relief, facial rejuvenation and non-needle acupuncture. Users often experience significant pain relief within seconds to minutes. Microlight therapy is well accepted for treating children and sensitive, hard-to-treat patients
  • FSM Module Guided ProtocolFour independent output channels — To treat multiple parts of the body at the same time. Each channel can be set to a unique frequency program or other parameters as needed.
  • Frequency-Specific microcurrent (FSM) — automated Hz Sequences can be run unattended for pain relief, neurological conditions, the Ideal Weight program™, Energy Light Facial Rejuvenation™, emotional balancing and much more.
  • Russian Stimulation and Interferential pre-set treatments – very good for acute pain and neurologic conditions such as post-stroke and peripheral neuropathy
  • Auricular therapy using microcurrent and color light.
  • Real-time GSR feedback and point location feature for auricular and body acu-points

Practitioners who have found the investment in the AT Microlight Machine to be an asset to their practice tell us the following:

  • They use it regularly in their practice
  • They have added new income-producing services to their practice that would not have been possible without their investment into a quality microcurrent machine
  • They enjoy learning new techniques and are not “put off” by technology
  • They like taking on more complex patient conditions that require additional diagnostic and technical skills.

FSM Module Home Screen

If you feel that the A.T. Microlight Machine might be a good match for your practice, and wish to get more information about the machine and its capabilities, please complete the form below to request a series of short educational briefings sent to your inbox. These will contain videos of actual patient treatments with the Microlight, technical information and tips for creating a successful business with microcurrent therapy.

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“I purchased an Acutron 2 months ago. I scheduled 2 ELR (Energy Light Rejuvenation) treatments and all the rest has been word of mouth referrals. The equipment paid for itself in 2 months. I will soon need to buy another one to keep up with demand.”

— Marc Harris, N.D., Montana

“I thought I had seen it all after decades of experience in German naturopathy and acupuncture. But I got very motivated and inspired by seeing Dr. Starwynn’s demonstrations and learning these powerful techniques for myself.”

— Andreas Marx, O.M.D., L.Ac., Oregon

“After 30 years in practice it is remarkable to see pain disappear before your eyes…this system offers better pain relief than needle therapy. I now feel confident treating a variety of pain cases and expecting immediate results.”

— Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, L.Ac., Colorado

“I purchased the Acutron Vibrational Beauty last year and within a month had received all the money back that I had spent on it and probably get about 20 grand a month now with packages.”

— Monica Watters, Esthetician, New York City

“I’ve had just phenomenal results with the Acutron Mentor….You can use it for so many applications… pain control, sports medicine…. a patient comes in with a problem, you do something to fix the problem, and they’re overjoyed! …there’s nothing better than having patients love you.”

— Margie Simmons-Stuper, Sports Medicine Therapist, Mesa, AZ

“I am thrilled not only with the results my clients are experiencing with the Ideal Weight Program and the Facial Rejuvenation treatments, but at how quickly the Acutron paid for itself. I was able to recoup my investment in a span of 5 weeks! Thank you.”

— Jenya Hampton, Georgia

“I just recently purchased the VB1000 machine and it has already almost paid for itself in less than 3 months! Just mentioning that it helps reverse the aging process to my clients gets them interested in trying it. And after they see the results afterwards they are usually hooked. My clients are noticing firmer, smoother skin, less wrinkling, along with toning/ lifting in the muscles, and a decrease in puffiness around the eyes.”

— Christy Siverhus, Licensed Esthetician, South Carolina