Listen to this 20 minute interview to learn how to expand your practice and referral stream.


This Wednesday we have a very special webinar presentation by Debi Weiss about the extraordinary opportunity for acupuncturists to help meet the needs for lifestyle medicine services, and thereby rapidly expand their referrals and income. This webinar is free, and the link to register for it is below.

Register for the free webinar here

If you want to learn more quickly, you can download a 20 minute audio interview with Debi at the links below. The webinar will offer much more detail and support.

I am making this valuable audio interview available to you in two ways – you can listen to it right here at the link below, or you can download it to listen to on your mobile device.

Download the interview here

If you are inspired by what you hear, and I think you very well may be, you can get in-depth, hands on training in Lifestyle Medicine for acupuncturists and holistic docs at the upcoming live seminar in Queens, New York. The seminar can be attended in person or by Livestream.