An East-West Seminars Energy Psychology Workshop in Los Angeles:

seminar_colorHealing the Root of Pain:
PNE Balancing Intensive

  • • Highly effective non-drug resolution for depression and anxiety disorders
  • • Rapid phobia release method
  • • Improve outcomes for treating addictions
  • • Gets to the root of most chronic pain issues, including very difficult
  • to treat conditions

April 26 – 27 Yo San University, Los Angeles, CA

16 Acupuncture CEUS Approved
Limited to 20 students – Register Early!

PNE Balancing is a direct and rapid method visible spectrumfor helping people transform the deepest root of their psychological and physical pain. It uses an innovative combination of vibrational therapies including color light, sound healing, frequency-specific microcurrent and soul healing, to balance and harmonize the chakras and meridians.

PNE Balancing can be practiced by most health care professionals, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, bodyworkers, naturopaths or physicians. By addressing the Root you will help your patients experience more breakthrough results, more quickly. See the video links below for examples of PNE Balancing sessions.

Your Expert Instructor: Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

author of Microcurrent Electro-Acupuncture and Healing the Root of Pain

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* At end of first day of Symposium

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guesh-cuanPNE Balancing Cures Insomnia
I suffer from insomnia my whole life (i.e.: difficulty falling asleep, and once awaken, almost impossible to fall back to sleep, and many bad dreams) and chronic pains and aches all over my body. Immediately after the PNE treatment, I felt pain-free (yes, all my pains and aches of many years are instantly gone!) and I felt vey light, my head very clear, my spirit uplifted, and my body with lots of energy! That night, I slept like a baby, without any interruptions or bad dreams. And I continued to sleep very soundly for the next month and a half. Read More
The pains and aches of my body were gone for at least a month. This PNE treatment changed my life and my view towards the importance of emotional healing. I’m very grateful for Dr. Starwynn for developing the PNE technique, it is an amazing and powerful system that gives fast and incredible results. I was able to immediately incorporate it into my practice after the excellent but fun seminar. Not only do I personally benefit from using these tools (it’s so easy for me to do treatments on myself now!), but also professionally.

My patients love the PNE treatments, and my practice went from 20 patients a week to a 10-patient a day in a short two months. I don’t advertise, only by word of mouth. Now my patients are also bringing their children and grandchildren in for treatments. The kids just love the colors and how well they feel after the treatments. As for me, I’m very happy that I could offer extremely effective non-needle microcurrent acupuncture treatments! Attending Dr. Starwynn’s seminar is one of the best investments I’ve ever made!

Yours in health,
Guesh Cuan, L.Ac.

Chronic arm pain healed by chakra balancing
Relief for emotionally caused back pain
Lifetime insomnia healed after one session

What You Will Learn:

Saturday, April 26th

PNE Balancing Psycho-Emotional Treatment System

PNE Therapy™ evaluation methods — Learn to clearly determine the spin patterns and relative balance of the 7 chakras. Learn to read these patterns to determine psychological/spiritual patterns underlying many of our patient’s challenging complaints

The science of the chakras and how to accurately evaluate them

Color and sound therapies and the chakras

PNE Therapy™ treatment system — This integration of color light, sound vibrational therapies and acu-point treatment provides a rapidly acting treatment for chronic pain, depression, fatigue, PTSD, OCD and chronic pain

Mu-Shu Color Electro-Acupuncture — This evaluation and treatment method is excellent for disorders of the autonomic nervous system, digestive issues and many psycho-emotional imbalances

Integrating acupuncture points with psycho-emotional properties into the PNE Balancing treatments, including 8 Extra Vessel master points

Sunday, April 27th

Pain Management with PNE Balancing – Clinical Applications

Bilateral Acu-Point Phobia Release Treatment – Rapid way to de-sensitize people to fear and trauma triggers

Addiction release using PNE Balancing and auricular therapy

Essential oil therapies to support PNE Balancing

Weave Soul Healing into your pain relief, esthetic and internal medical treatments – practice on a higher level and give your patients more of what they really need behind their complaints

Pain sequence therapy using PNE Balancing for Root resolution

How to integrate esthetic treatment with PNE Balancing for true inner rejuvenation

Fees: Early registration discounts offered through April 4th

$495 regular, $450 early registration


Yo San University
13315 W. Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA


“I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I came with a lot of uncertainty. I am now very excited to go back and use the PNE Balancing treatment and the protocols for pain. I loved the Sedona setting and feel rejuvenated myself by coming here.”

~Julia Broach, L.Ac. Norfolk, VA

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“I was skeptical about this method until I personally experienced the result immediately and longer effect which gave me hope that a lot of my patients who had severe conditions treated with acupuncture unsuccessfully will have hope to be helped again”

~ Ligaya Gruspe , PhD, Lac, Dipl Ac

“Excellent integration of physiology, TCM and electro-medicine. I look forward to adding this to my practice… Thank you, great course.”

~Kathleen Fedack, M.D., Evergreen, CO

“Excellent seminar. Dr. Starwynn weaves so much information into his presentation, and it is well organized and fun. The written materials to take away are invaluable resources later. Thank you for the best CE program available and your work developing these tremendously effective microcurrent and light protocols.”

~Jean Rose, L.Ac., Tucson AZ

“Dr. Starwynn is one of the leaders and pioneers in our field. He is on the cutting edge of the new ideas and techniques. His advanced teaching methods add to the ability of everyone’s basic skills.”

Adrian Melero, Acup. Phys., Miami Springs, FL

“Excellent and remarkable seminar.”

~Larry Womack, ND, LMT, Malad, ID

“Loved this class! Not many teachers are addressing psycho-emotional issues in TCM. Notes are packed with reference materials so I am ready to go the day after the course. Very thorough, clear and concise. I feel confident applying this info immediately.”

~Kristine Buckley, L.Ac., Pleasanton, CA

“This has been the most informative, enjoyable, thorough seminar I have attended. Thank you!”

~Debra Cahill, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NM)

“Dr. Teri is a wealth of knowledge – and very patient w/ multiple questions on settings with lots of encouragement to be willing to test other frequencies to patient tolerance. Great new techniques for body treatments, lymph drainage, cellulite treatment & gua sha treatments.”

Diane Curtis Hutchens, DC

“Information was presented clearly and in a method that gave confidence in implementing microcurrent immediately.”

~Marc Harris, Naturopathic Physician