How to cure YOUR pain from disappointed patients?

Is there a greater pain than this?  You have trained long and hard.  You have rented your office space, set it up beautifully.  You have poured out your heart and soul to network with people who need your help and now some of them are coming in to see you.  After all this… you do your best treatment … at the end of the session you ask for their feedback.  You would LOVE to hear “Wow, I feel great!  This is amazing, I can move my back better, I feel so relaxed, my face looks like it did 10 years ago” or some variation on this theme.

Instead there is silence.  After you ask for feedback your patient uneasily says something like “I feel about the same” or “actually the pain is worse right here” or “I don’t know, hard to say”.

Do you know this pain of disappointed clients?  If you don’t, then congratulations!   You don’t need to read further.  But if you do, you may sometimes feel that it takes being some kind of healing superman or superwoman to adequately deal with some of these people coming to you especially where their condition is convoluted and well, just plain difficult.

In my experience modern clients/patients are often a complex lot.  One of my current patients is a good example.  George came to me complaining of chronic sinus congestion, hard to breathe through his nose.  No big deal I thought, I’ve used acupuncture and microcurrent to clear plenty of schnozzes.  But as I spoke to George I learned about his history of binge drinking, a TIA, past cancer and abuse in his childhood.  I learned that he is eating loads of foods that could be causing reactions to clog up his sinuses.  And a good dose of Internal Wind (acupuncture term for erratic activity of the nervous system).  Whew! What seemed like a simple case turned out to be multi-factorial.*

Many of our clients also experience high stress levels that makes it harder for them to respond.

Greater challenges call for more powerful tools and methods to solve them.  After grappling with these kinds of challenges for over 30 years in practice and learning now to have a high degree of successful outcomes, I can offer you these guidelines:

1. Make a total commitment to serve your clients

I’m sure you are a very dedicated and caring person already.  What I mean by total commitment is that resolve to do anything you can to better help the people coming to you. This could take the form of learning new techniques through books or seminars, reviewing your previous educational notes more often to catch why you may have missed, and practicing your skills with friends or colleagues.

2. Use the best equipment and healing tools

Investing in the best and most effective healing or esthetic tools is one of the most effective ways you can crack your difficult cases.  If you believe it will help you to help them more, then do whatever you can to get your hands on it.  Make sure the company you buy from includes extensive, quality training and support with your purchase!

3. Set aside research time in your weekly schedule

Lawyers have to do this and you do also.  Search online or in books for solutions for your challenging client issues.  There are many useful forums online in various specialties.

4. Study and understand the principle of root and branch

This is the understanding that many clients will not respond to symptomatic treatments unless you have first evaluated and treated their chronic or constitutional imbalances.  This is not as hard to do as you may think.  I teach two methods for doing this in my seminars, and these methods can be used by doctors, acupuncturists or estheticians.

Are you very busy and find it hard to do all the things I suggested above?  Ha – I thought so! If that is the case then you all the more need the best shortcuts to effective results you can find.  You need your “secret weapon”, your proverbial ace in the hole.  What would it be worth to you to have the confidence that you could deliver positive to impressive results for way more of your challenging clients?

A tip – rather than wondering if you can afford to invest in the best treatment equipment I suggest thinking about how much it is costing you to NOT do so.  Let me give you a very graphic example:

Lisa is an acupuncturist from Sarasota, Florida I interviewed.  She told me that within a few weeks of getting her Acutron system she treated one woman who could not raise her hand above her head.  This woman had a remarkable response to just one treatment – her pain was gone and she was able to raise her hand straight up.  This patient immediately told many of her friends, and 3 more women came in to see Lisa based on her rave reviews.

Lisa told me that all 4 of these women continued on as ongoing patients.  OK, let’s do the math.  If Lisa is charging $75 for each session, and let’s assume that each of these women will come to see her 20 times in the first year – a pretty conservative assumption.  That would equal 80 patient visits X $75 = $6,000 of income FROM JUST ONE EFFECTIVE SHOULDER PAIN TREATMENT.

Go ahead, examine my math – you will find that this is correct.  Lisa has also had many other patients impressed with the results of the Acutron for pain relief and facial rejuvenation.  How much would she have lost (not earned) if she did not have this equipment in her office?  As a good estimate, Lisa estimates that her income increased $45,000 in the first year she had the Acutron.

So… find the cure for disappointed patients and you can make a huge difference in your financial fortunes.  Beyond money, getting more of these kinds of results will put a spring in your step and a happy song on your lips.  What are you waiting for?

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Sincerely, Dr. Darren

P.S. * By the way, George is making good progress. He is receiving microcurrent treatments and using Chinese herbs. I will start him on a rotation diet next week.