Higher octave healing that will transform your business

Simple question for you:  Do you feel that you are consistently expressing your most inspired and empowered healing potential in your every day practice?

If your answer is yes, congratulations!  You are living a highly effective, self-actualized life.

If you answer is “not as much as I would like” then what you read here will be of great value.

I will try to put here in very simple terms what could be a long, involved discussion – simple is good, right?

A big part of the challenge of being a doctor/practitioner/healer is to try to manifest your guiding vision on very practical levels.  You probably had a very inspiring vision of how you would love to help heal and uplift others that brought you into your profession.  You probably also had a vision of creating financial success and personal freedom to live the lifestyle you want – am I correct?

Yet we find ourselves falling short of this vision time and again.   That is not a problem.   Striving to fulfill our vision, falling short and continuing to try to improve is a necessary part of our process of personal empowerment.   All successful colleagues have accepted and embraced this process and it has made them strong and effective.

I’ll briefly share what this has been like for me in the hopes that it may speak to you and help you in some way.

I have always been interested in spirituality since my teenage years.  I did not find a way to adequately express it professionally until I started studying acupuncture in my early 30’s.   That was a better expression, but still incomplete.   I still did not feel that I was able to adequately fulfill my desire to help my patients deeply transform their core issues.

What has worked for me BIG TIME in fulfilling this vision has been the integration of spirituality with advanced healing technologies, boosted by the power of Intention.  This is an awesome combination!  I would love to share it with you.

The great successes I have had in this integration has inspired me to develop and refine new healing techniques and methods.   I teach these at my East-West Seminars events.   I also seek out other practitioners who offer practical, advanced methods and invite them to teach with me.   I have done that this month by inviting Peter Fairfield to present his remarkable methods for acupuncture energy psychology at the LA Symposium.   Peter just taught a webinar with me this week, and if you missed it you can request the recording by calling or emailing the East-West Seminars office (888.803.7397).

Are you ready to treat like a Master and boost your abilities and your income?  If so join us at this unique event, or one of the others to follow each month this year.

To see the seminar page and register click here.

Blessings,  Dr. Darren

P.S.  Remember, you will earn 24 acupuncture CEUs, learn to add new streams of income and network with many advanced colleagues.  Register by July 15 to lock in the early registration discount