Get a new groove in Chicago

Treating patients/clients all week takes everything you got.  To stay happy and growing you need to cut some new grooves in what you do.   New, more powerful, more inspiring, more abundant ones.  Now where the heck can you do that?

In one word – Chicago

Check out these new grooves you can get with on June 14 – 16:

ELR:  highly effective facial rejuvenation with NO NEEDLES, high appeal, whole-body rejuvenation effects.  Course taught by a groovy esthetician AND an acupuncturist who keeps you laughing as you learn.  Now, how much better it get then that?

PNE:  Once you get this color-ful groove happening you can ably help your clients (and even your mother) transform their negative, depressed, anxious grooves into ones much more positive for them (and you!)

Pain Mastery:  Just groove down the technique sequence you will learn and your patient posse is going to expand real fast, cause they know a good thing when they don’t feel it (the pain, that is).

Oh yes – also earn 24 CEUS  and network with lots of kool kats.  Click here!


P.S.  That “early registration discount” gig went gonzo last week.   But no worries.  Call the shop and ask about the “groovy discount” for Chicago and be nice and Jo Ann will likely still give it to you – but not after Friday!

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