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Top Facial Rejuvenation Techniques for Estheticians

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Facial Rejuvenation Tips and Techniques

Date: Wednesday, March 5th 2014 at 8AM PST
Instructor: Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

This FREE webinar will present some of the most effective methods for relieving headaches and migraines using a combination of microcurrent electro-acupuncture and color light therapy. You will learn which acu-points, frequencies, and colors are the best for treating these debilitating conditions.

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PNEJoin Dr. Darren Starwynn, Dipl. Ac, O.M.D., for a free, interactive webinar specifically designed for alternative health professionals. Learn the practical applications, treatment protocols and latest research on Microcurrent Technology and Vibrational Medicine.

The techniques you learn will help you treat those challenging cases that may have frustrated you in the past.

The webinar will last 1 hour and it will be a nice mixture of beginning, intermediate and advanced techniques – we try to have something for everyone. In case you’re unable to attend, we always offer a video replay to everyone who signs up.


Some topics to be covered :

  • Types of headaches and etiology of each.
  • Root and Branch for headache tx, determining the most relevant root treatments
  • Microcurrent facial and whole body rejuvenation – Beauty without surgery, needles, redness, flaking, downtime or discomfort.
  • Powerful acu-points that can be treated with needles, microcurrent or a combination of both
  • Frequencies and colors useful for headaches and migraines

Each webinar is led by Dr. Starwynn, author of the bestselling “Healing the Root of Pain” and “Microcurrent Electro –Acupuncture.” Darren has taught students all over the world how to significantly increase their clinical results by combining traditional alternative medicine with 21’s century technological techniques.

Whether it’s a case of acute or chronic pain or a neurologic degenerative condition due to stroke or peripheral neuropathy – Microcurent Electro-Acupuncture Sequence Therapy can shorten treatment times and improve results.

In addition to the Free Webinar each month, we also offer monthly seminars throughout the country and a monthly high-intensity webinar at a slight fee ($19 -$49 depending on the topic.)

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