Free Lifestyle Medicine Webinar & Notes


Lifestyle Medicine is a rapidly growing field providing a great opportunity for acupuncturists to rapidly expand their referrals and income by providing much needed services. The elements of Lifestyle Medicine include new treatments for overweight, diabetes, gut diseases, stress and anxiety, sleep disturbances, toxicity, endocrine imbalances and much more.

Currently, there is a large trend in the US fueled by many health conscious baby boomers who want to improve the quality of their life in way that modern medicine has not helped them with. Lifestyle Medicine and Therapeutic Lifestyle Change helps us focus on not only living longer, but living better.

Debi Weiss and Darren Starwynn recently hosted a webinar on the topic of Lifestyle Medicine. It covered what Lifestyle Medicine is and how people in the acupuncturist and healing professions can become providers of these services and get new business from many new referral services. Much of what will be taught could be considered to be an offshoot of functional medicine as well.

Below is a short request form that will allow us to send you a copy of the webinar, notes, and an audio download of a previous interview with Darren and Debi — for free.