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Free Report: Nine Key Features to Look For in Selecting a Facial and Body Rejuvenation Device

Have you heard positive reports from other estheticians who use microcurrent, that have piqued your interest?

Are you considering bringing a new signature service into your business to attract more clientelle?

If yes you will find this report by Dr. Starwynn timely and very helpful. There are two reasons why this information is so welcome:

1. Integrating microcurrent and other vibrational medicine modalities into your current services can significantly expand your clinical results and client satisfaction.

2. Trying to get clear information about selecting the right microcurrent device can be difficult. It is not easy to get reliable information, and what is available from equipment vendors is often confusing and incomplete.

This free report offers clear, insightful information that you will rarely hear from companies selling equipment. You can read it in less than 15 minutes.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • What is called microcurrent may not really be microcurrent in some well known systems. Learn how to tell what is what
  • The two most important ways to apply microcurrent to the body, and how to make sure you are getting what you need to optimize results and ease of use
  • When to combine microcurrent with other vibrational therapies such as therapeutic light and sound to amplify results, and what features you need to make it effective
  • What are the factors required for prolonging the benefits of your facial rejuvenation treatments? Why do some estheticians produce longer-lasting effects than others?
  • Body sculpting – what is it, and what you need in a microcurrent device to do this popular therapy
  • Ease of use factors you should look for to keep your life simple
  • Beyond the machine –what are the hard questions you should ask any company wanting to sell you a microcurrent device?
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