Dr. Starwynn’s True Confession: Microcurrent is NOT the answer!

OK, folks. It’s time for me to spill my guts and tell you a truth that I have not shared with you till now.  It’s been convenient for me to promote the heck out of microcurrent therapy because it helps my business to do so.  There is no doubt that the use of microcurrent, and Microlight therapy does offer superior results for pain relief, facial rejuvenation and many internal medical conditions, and helps lots of colleagues build their businesses.  So not at all unethical to promote the use of microcurrent, BUT…

I’m now going to take the risk of going beyond self-serving marketing copy and tell you what my truth about this really is!

Have you seen any of the YouTube videos where I demonstrate near-miraculous results treating patients with very difficult chronic pain and neurologic diseases?  (If you have not you could check some of them out at the links below.)

There is one “secret” ingredient to my treatments not explained in those videos, and that deserves a lot of credit for these effective results.  I will now give credit where credit is due.

That “secret” is spiritual, or soul healing.  Each time I prepare to treat a patient with very challenging problems I first take a moment to “say hello” to the soul essence of the painful or diseased part of his or her body.  I address it with love and honor and ask the “soul” of that painful part to participate in its own healing process.  We then both become channels for needed Universal healing energies that go way beyond microcurrent.

OK, the cat’s out of the bag.  THIS is a big reason my patients with crazy difficult problems have responded so well.  To the extent that you are an effective practitioner you probably tap into something like this also.  Microcurrent is ultimately NOT the answer.

So does this mean we don’t need high level equipment, and can just offer soul healing?  Maybe – that is a distinct possibility for many healers.  But the marriage of advanced healing technology and spiritual blessings is extremely potent – and greatly empowers my colleagues and I who are using it.

There is something magical about applying vibrational medicine in the form of frequency-specific microcurrent and light to a client while facilitating deep core healing in them.  It is THIS that continues to inspire and motivate me after over 30 years of acupuncture practice.

Does this message speak to you?  If so consider joining me and other knowledgeable teachers at one of the upcoming Symposiums in Columbia, Maryland or San Francisco.  You will learn remarkably effective techniques for pain relief, neurologic condition treatment, weight loss, facial rejuvenation and emotional healing*.  And, beyond techniques, you will also be supported in opening up your own deeper healing resources.

It is this marriage of technology, spirituality and the power of intention that really rocks your business, and the lives of those you serve.

Blessings, Dr. Darren

* P.S. check the website to see which subjects will be taught at each Symposium.

http://east-westseminars.com/upcoming-events/ 1.888.803.7397

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