A Hands-On Seminar for Acupuncturists, Physicians and Holistic Practitioners

Cracking the Code on Chronic Pain

Confidently Treat the Most Challenging Pain Cases
Using the Microcurrent Deep Release System

July 28, 29, 30, 2017 — Los Angeles

Instructor: Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

23 Acupuncture CEUs Offered

(NCCAOM & CA Acup Board)

Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel

(free airport shuttle provided)


Are you ready to master the treatment of chronic pain?

If so this hands-on training is THE event to attend this year. It will be a deep dive into understanding and rapidly releasing the hidden roots of suffering – the level most clinicians miss.

Transform the deep psychic roots of pain while providing rapid symptomatic relief

You will learn how to effectively evaluate and treat a wide range of challenging chronic pain issues using the updated Microcurrent Deep Release System. You can use this system to masterfully blend the Root and Branch aspects of treatment into each session.

Not sure about attending yet?

To help you decide if attending this seminar is right for you, watch this 6 minute video that documents recent results of this treatment system with actual chronic pain patients:

Learning Objectives:

• Understand the hidden root causes of chronic pain

• Learn and demonstrate competency in a highly effective system for relieving  chronic pain using microcurrent, light therapy and healing with Qi

Learn 3 evaluation systems for testing meridians, organs and chakras. Learn  to compare these systems to arrive at dependable diagnoses

• Practice methods of internal Qi and consciousness cultivation that will  empower you to facilitate a higher level of patient responses

• Develop, or further develop your own intuitive and direct energy healing abilities

• Gain skill in treatment planning

Whole brain, accelerated learning methods and extensive hands-on practice will be used at this seminar to ensure the highest possible retention of what you learn!


“I am very grateful that you have created this dynamic process for unwinding pain patterns that have been difficult to treat. Your state of the art presentation has set the highest standard for the medical healing arts.”
— Maxine Shapiro, Lic. Ac., NCCAOM, Newton, MA

Seminar Schedule

Friday, July 28

• Understand the hidden root causes of chronic pain

• Self-assessment

• Decoding chronic pain

• Microcurrent Sequence Method

• Evaluation methods hands-on workshop – Organs, meridians

• Root evaluation and treatment methods using microcurrent & color light

Saturday, July 29

• Qi Gong – Unified Field

• Microcurrent electro-acupuncture techniques – Circling the dragon, reverse
 body image, auricular micro-macro, great loops

• Frequency-Sequence microcurrent – using and setting up effective protocols

• Neuro-muscular degenerative conditions protocol (for stroke, MS, peripheral

• Taking a trauma history

• Evaluation methods for chakras

• Simple, rapid chakra balancing method

Sunday, July 30

• Qi Gong – Unified Field

• Identifying and reprogramming core issues workshop

• Putting it all together – integrating and practicing the sequence system

• Guided clinical practice on volunteer patients (if you are attending from the local area
  you are requested to invite patients with difficult pain or neuropathic issues to come
 in for treatment)

• Thorough review

Volunteer Pain Patients

There are a few openings to bring in volunteer patients with pain or neuropathy during the Saturday and Sunday seminar sessions. These must be pre-approved by the instructor. If you are able to bring a volunteer pain patient email him at: dstarwynn@eastwestmed.com


Whole seminar (recommended) $495.00

Two days: $395

One day only: $250

Zoom Conference:

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for details about attending the seminar by remote Zoom conference. When you click any of the above registration links you will be able to choose between In Person or Remote Attendance on the shopping cart. Tuition is the same for ether option.

It is best if you attend the seminar in person. But if you can’t make it to LA you can attend from wherever you are, via Zoom conference through your computer. Acupuncturists, you will still earn CEUS as long as you watch the live Zoom stream of the seminar while it is happening (you won’t get CEUS by watching recordings later). If you wish to attend remotely click the Remote Attendance link that you will see as a drop down when you click on any registration link on this page. You will receive access links, full instructions and all notes and handouts prior to the seminar start date. Remote attendees can post questions or comments to interact with the instructor during the seminar sessions.

Those attending remotely are recommended to arrange for volunteer patients to work on during the seminar hands-on periods, or practice with another student also registered for the seminar. Questions? Email info@eastwestseminars.com

Questions? Email: info@eastwestseminars.com

Location and Lodging:

Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel

9620 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Free shuttle to and from the LAX airport offered
Special discounted room rate: $139/night, ask for East-West Seminars pricing
These discounted rooms will sell out quickly – reserve your rooms ASAP!


Register at the links above, or call Jo Ann Rathgaber at 1.424.262.9289


Comments from some past seminar attendees about Darren Starwynn

“This is the best seminar I have attended. Dr. Starwynn put a lot of information and various techniques all together that I have been interested in, into an easy, understandable method that works great. Remarkable seminar!”

~ Connie Martin-Easterling, L.Ac., Royal Oaks, CA

“Very clear complete instructions and lots of pertinent content. Demos were very helpful to anchor in the process we are learning… This is the first fun acupuncture conference I have been to in 14 years! So interesting, inspiring and useful, and so needed.”

~ Mary Agnes Twomey, M.Ac., L.Ac, RN, Maryland

“I am very happy to meet Dr. Starwynn and Jo Ann. They led me to another spiritual space and healing energy spectrum huge and limitless. I just opened a new window in my healing field and I am very excited about newer, broader and deeper (spiritual, physical, emotional energy fields) journey in my future life. Thank you very much!”

~ Min-Sung Ahn, L.Ac., Dallas, TX

“I want to thank you for your amazing symposium this last weekend…   I have seen nothing short of miracles since Monday…. For eye conditions, periocarditis, post surgical pain, chronic inflammation and I resolved a 20 year old ankle injury last night while watching the Olympics. Completely gone!”

~ Scott Sommer L.Ac., Orangevale, CA

“A fantastic presentation, right pace…very clear—I really liked the use of different ways of presentations, ie written material – slides, video, demonstration. The more senses the better learning. I loved his sense of humor”

~ Patricia Okacza, L.Ac.

“You were very inviting, very welcoming.  There was a good variety in the experiences, from didactic, to story, to image, to music.  This brought freshness from what I have experienced in some workshops where it is too heady, or too experiential.  The healing work you demonstrated was fantastic, and you stepped into a demonstration with sensitivity.”

~ Daniel Craig-Morse, Psychologist

“I have released a lot of energy. I feel open and expansive, can’t help but smile. I feel connected to the unified field of greater intelligence. Thank you so much Darren.”

~ E.N.

“I have finally found someone who helped me by working with root causes, to feel better physically, mentally and spiritually”

~ H.B., psychotherapist

“This seminar exceeded my expectations in every way! I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned.”

~ Katherine Ray, L.Ac., Minneapolis, MN

“The class is excellent. As a Chinese acupuncturist, this seminar really expanded my knowledge and view.”

~ Helen Fan Chen, Lic. Ac., Fremont, CA

“Dr. Starwynn is a fabulous teacher and the training materials that come with the course are excellent… The quality of the training is so impeccable, thorough and structured. Darren is accessible and professional.”

~ Sara Weinberg, L. Ac., Berkeley, CA

“Please, please keep doing what you are doing. No one is doing this spiritual work for healers. Not the way you do. I am increasing my vibrational quickly and exponentially.”

~ Kristine Buckley, L.Ac., Berkeley, CA

“Dr. Starwynn – you are very connected and extremely eloquent in presenting an as yet unknown field and reality. I have enjoyed the blending of TCM, physics, quantum and Spirit.”

~ Aurora Koning, MS, AP, Dipl. Ac., C.H.T. Plantation, FL

“This was an amazing seminar – very informative – the 4 days left me feeling energized and very excited to begin my new career!”

~ Nancy Kintner, RN, LMT, St. John, IN

“He kept it interesting, made people laugh, wasn’t dull.”

~ Rebecca Grear, LMT, Winchester, VA

“Dr. Starwynn synthesizes a variety of advanced methods of acupuncture and TCM for microcurrent stim, which is unusual and very valuable. He is a very clear, organized instructor who covers all bases. His book is the best book around for microcurrent stimulation.”

~ Marjorie Singler, L.Ac., Lafayette, CA

“The course was very informative and interesting. You covered many aspects that are missed by other companies introducing microcurrent.”

~ Yolanda Clifton, Clinical Esthetician, San Antonio, TX

“So much depth of knowledge – very reassuring that I am learning from an expert in the field.”

~ Kathy McGowan, L.Ac., Ontario, CA

Register now to assure your place!

Whole seminar (recommended) $495.00

Two days: $395

One day only: $250

Questions? Email: info@eastwestseminars.com