Darren Starwynn Workshops at

Microcurrent Case Conference 2015

at Carefree Resort and Spa
Carefree, Arizona (north of Phoenix)

Full details on the Case Conference can be found at www.microcurrent2015.com

Darren’s 2 Day Workshop October 7 – 8th, 2015:

Master Root Treatments for Chronic Pain and Emotional Issues
Integrating FSM and Acu-Point Therapies

9th Annual Microcurrent Conference

At this two day workshop you will learn a new15_DarrenStarwynn-232x300 approach for integrating the power of frequency-specific microcurrent with the treatment of acupuncture points. In this system acupuncture points can be treated with or without needles, so it is not necessary to be an acupuncturist to utilize this powerful information.

This system is based on the ancient Chinese system of Root and Branch, with Root referring to deep causative factors and Branch the symptomatic presentation. Dr. Starwynn has refined this treatmnent system over three decades of research and clinical practice.

This workshop includes:

  1. Understanding the Universal Laws of Energy that are the basis for the success or failure of any clinical technique, including microcurrent therapies. How to apply Universal laws of energy for creating effective techniques and treatment protocols.
  2. Training in the seven most effective microcurrent treatment techniques utilizing both Probe acu-point techniques and broad stimulation methods using pads, gloves or other electrodes.
  3. How to use color therapy to boost the power and effectiveness of FSM microcurrent therapies
  4. Applying microucurrent for effective auricular therapies for pain and addiction relief
  5. Kinetic therapies – combining microcurrent with motion and massage for effective rehab
  6. The PNE Balancing™ Method: A proven system for helping relieve depression, anxiety, addictions, phobias the emotional underpinnings of chronic pain. Four hour hands-on training. This system can be done using many brands of microcurrent and light therapy devices, and can boost the effectiveness of many other therapeutic methods.
  7. Facial and body rejuvenation – overview of a proven system using microcurrent, color light and natural skin care products.
  8. Beyond equipment: Introduction to Fifth Dimensional Healing. The Unified Field Meditation and how to channel Higher healing frequencies as you apply your microcurrent clinical techniques. These simple practices can boost the level of healing for practitioners from any professional background or spiritual belief.

The Microcurrent Case Conference is a yearly event at which advanced professionals using many different kinds of microcurrent devices come together to share the latest and most effective techniques, and present case histories from their practices. Each participant is welcomed to present a case.

Click here to access the Microcurrent Case Conference website and offerings. At this link you will get full schedule and details, and be able to register for discounted early registration pricing. (This is not an East-West Seminars or Microlight Institute event).

Darren will also offer this one hour class at the main proceedings:

Emotional blocks: the hidden aspect of pain and disease

Darren Starwynn has been researching the root causes of pain and disease since the early 1970’s, when he traveled to India to spend two months studying with a spiritual master. Since then he has studied or investigated many healing and medical systems from all over the world. He is an acupuncturist and Oriental Medical Doctor with over 32 years of clinical experience, and has created several vibrational medical inventions including the Acutron.

In this one hour workshop he will discuss the deep causative factors behind pain and disease. You will learn the 3 major therapeutic levels – Third Dimensional, or physical, Fourth Dimensional, or energetic, and Fifth Dimensional, or Spiritual/Source.

Darren will present an overview of the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine (PNE) balancing method that integrates microcurrent, color light therapy, intuitive counseling, acupuncture and essential oils. This is a very flexible therapeutic system that has been proven to support breakthrough results for patients with long term chronic pain, depression, anxiety, addictions and many forms of chronic disease.