Can you meet me in LA on July 26 to take your practice to the next level?

Is your practice ready for a dose of the extraordinary?

If so then join me, two other top instructors and lots of your advanced colleagues at the 2013 Los Angeles Microcurrent & Vibrational Medicine Symposium.  It starts Friday, July 26 and runs through July 28.  You will earn 24 acupuncture CEUS at this unique event.

The acupuncture and holistic healing professions are full of very talented and dedicated people living and earning at the lower end of the income spectrum.  I have been helping many of our colleagues change that picture.  I’d like to help you produce extraordinary results that will make you stand out as the go-to person in your community.

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Take a look at the instructors and what you will learn at the 2013 Symposium:

Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.  Pain Mastery Sequence Therapy, Post-Stroke and Other Neurological Degenerative Protocols, Root and Branch Vibrational Medicine

This hands-on training will put your practice on the “extraordinary results” level.  Darren has over 30 years clinical experience and has led over 200 trainings on 3 continents.  He is also an inventor of advanced technologies and has published two leading-edge books.  You will learn how to apply the most powerfully effective techniques while you address the Spirit and tap into the power of Intention.   This combined approach will help you get positive results with your most challenging patient cases.

Peter Fairfield, L.Ac.  The Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Ancestral and Family Influences

Participants will learn:

  • Clear and specific diagnostic patterns using facial, postural, vocal and energetic signs as well as easy to learn details from the pulse  and other  diagnostic systems.
  • Pragmatic protocols for shifting inhibiting and pathological patterns using acupuncture, herbs and nutritional medicines, body work and Qigong

Peter has been in professional clinical practice for over 40 years, including being the resident acupuncturist at the Esalen Institute and having a clinic in the Himalayas for seven years.  He has taught extensively throughout the USA and is also the author of the best-selling book “Deep Happy”.

Teri Sherman, D.C.  Energy Light Rejuvenation, Cellulite Reduction, Body Sculpting

Participants will learn everything they need to know to offer this highly profitable service that will magnetize many new client referrals, and bring your previous patients back for more.  Teri regularly gets rave reviews from attendees at her trainings.

Dr. Teri has been in clinical practice for 30 years and has worked with microcurrent for most of that time.  She is one of the most skillful, compassionate and patient instructors you will find east OR west of the Mississippi!

To see the seminar page and register click here.


P.S.  We just finished the Symposium in Chicago last weekend.   Here are some comments from attendees, hot off the press:

“Your teaching methods of reading, seeing, doing and practicing help me to absorb the information.  I wouldn’t change anything!”  Lisa Fine, R.N.

“I loved the presentation, great notes and clear material… I liked the spiritual aspects of treatment as well”  Irit Steiner, L.Ac.

“They demonstrated powerful and successful techniques”  Kelly Luby, L.Ac.

“The demonstrations were very clear, easy to understand”  Nadiya Melnyk, L.Ac.

“The workshop was very informative, excellent in terms of skill development working with very challenging presenting problems”  Florence Selder, Psychologist