A Better Treatment for Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s PalsyBells Palsy acupupuncture

 Microcurrent has been very effective for this condition, especially when treatment is started in   the early stages of the condition. 

The main priority is to use microcurrent probe electrodes to treat the origins and insertions of the facial muscles.  Consult an anatomy book for guidance on these placements.  Combining with acupuncture needling is usually the most effective treatment.  Use current intensities that are high enough to cause a tickling or very mild stinging sensation.  Color light therapy also increases responses.

  • Needle some of the following indicated facial points, then use microcurrent biphasic probes to connect points in sets of two:  St 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Ren 24, shangchengjiang, LI 20, SI 18, yuyao, TW 17 – Use high intensity up to 600, 30 Hz, Mod Square waveform, then Square.
  • Follow with polarized probes to connect facial points with distal points: LI 4, Lu 7, St 36, St 40, St 44, GB 20, GB 41.  Use Du 20 to pull up the yang
  • Auricular points:  Face, cheeks, forehead, thalamus, zero, shenmen

  Color Light Therapy–  Green (rebuilds muscles and tissues).  For long-standing cases, rebuild the sensory nervous system with Lemon (chronic alterative) plus Yellow for 2 weeks (stimulate nervous system), then Lemon and Orange for 4 weeks (tissue stimulant), then Lemon and Red for six weeks (stimulate sensory nervous system)

 If the patient stops progressing, you can apply a brief pad stimulation with milliamp currents kept to very gentle intensity settings.  I like the current called Russian Stimulation for this purpose.  Turn it up very gradually to avoid uncomfortable levels of stimulation.

Microcurrent facial rejuvenation, which is mainly used for esthetic purposes, can help reverse Bell’s Palsy.  This is because this practice, especially the Energy Light Rejuvenation system, treats the same acupuncture points and regions are are indicated for treatment of this condition.

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