Auricular Micro-Macro Technique

I really love this technique! You probably already know about the power of using auricular (ear) acupuncture points for relieving pain and balancing the body’s energies. You may have learned that in school. What they probably didn’t teach you is that the results of auricular therapy can be greatly augmented by creating a polarized microcurrent circuit between the ear point and its corresponding painful, injured or diseased body area. This dynamic, powerful technique accomplishes a great deal of symptomatic relief and systemic balancing within seconds. Review the picture on the previous page, showing the use of Micro-Macro technique for relief of shoulder pain.
I’ve also used it with great success for low back pain, digestive upsets, Kidney weakness, migraines, cancer pain (remarkable) and knee pain. It is valuable for pain relief, internal regulation (through the autonomic nervous system connections) and can even be used for overall energetic balancing and as a support for creating balance with emotional disorders.
The ear not only contains points for the various anatomical features of the body. It also has corresponding points and regions for dermatomes, chakras and points of special effect. Micro-Macro technique can be used to for augmenting the results of almost any kind of therapeutic treatment.

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