Accepting for Value

I heard this phrase “accepting for value” for the first time when I was studying common law issues back in the ’90s. Some people were using this principle to allegedly transform debt into assets, using some little-known aspects of US financial laws and banking procedures. Beyond money, this phrase has stayed with me and I have long reflected on the inner meaning of “accepting for value”.

Think about something “bad” that has happened to you recently. How does thinking about that make you feel? What setbacks in your life has it seemingly caused? What losses have you experienced as a result? Would you like to know how to transform that experience into a blessing and asset in your life?

One of the more humorous stories about accepting for value was told by one of my teachers. He told about a woman who came to him telling how her husband had left her for another woman. At first she was devastated and crushed, but that intense pain inspired her to go much deeper into her meditation practice. As she did that she found a greater sense of peace than she had ever known before. She told the teacher that she was happier than ever before, even with her husband gone.

“Don’t get too happy”, my teacher told her. “He might come back!”

I will tell you more about my understanding of accepting for value in a future post. For now, your turn. What value have you found by completely accepting what seemed like very negative experiences? Post your comments and stories here, please.

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