Attn: San Diego Area Procrastinators – Five Reasons to Attend the Symposium on Aug 23 – 25 and Five Things You Will Miss If you Don’t!

I know why you’re procrastinating. I sympathize. I have often waited until the last minute to do what I know I should, even though it costs more, is more of a hassle, etc. That’s why I often pay more for plane flights than I need to!

So I’m going to lay it out real clear, just like procrastinators need.

Five Reasons to Attend the San Diego Microcurrent & Vibrational Medicine Symposium (Aug 23 – 25):

Reason #1:  RESULTS. What would it be worth to you to be empowered to help your difficult to treat patients SIGNIFICANTLY better than you can now? To have the confidence that powerful, proven techniques bring you?

Reason #2:  BUSINESS POWER. There is something that your very successful colleagues know that would be good for you to know. The bees come to the nectar. When you add highly in-demand services to your practice and put the word out, well Kevin Costner said it well: “If you build it, they will come”. New, multiple streams of income is where it is at for building your business, and that is exactly what you will learn to create at the Symposium.

Reason #3:  “I have one word to say to you, young man: Plastics”. No, I mean Rejuvenation. If you are not yet offering facial and whole body rejuvenation in your practice, or if you are and desire BETTER RESULTS, then Day 3 of the Symposium will give you the hands-on training you need to profit from this multi-billion dollar industry.

Reason #4:  Pain is a Growth Industry. You see it all around you. Once you attend the Symposium and get the skills and confidence to start relieving severe physical and emotional pain more consistently and effectively you will never lack for business. You will learn the most powerful techniques, most of which you won’t learn anywhere else. Added bonus – you can cut down on treatment times.

Reason #5:  Fun, Networking and Inspiration. We draw really fun, dedicated, interesting people of depth to these Symposii (I think that is the plural for Symposium?). As great as the hands-on classes are you learn a heck of a lot in the hallways and over lunch with this crowd.

OK, now the 5 things you will miss by NOT attending the San Diego Symposium:

1. The proven knowledge to provide more awesome results – treatment “home runs” – grateful smiles.

2. The know-how and support to add proven, profitable new streams of income – tout suite.

3. 24 California Acupuncture CEUs

4. Massive infusion of INSPIRATION to fulfill the higher level of your healing art

5. New friends and colleagues

Ready to stop procrastinating?  Or do you need something to push you even more over the edge? OK, here it is. I have authorized my staff to give away 6 vouchers worth $70 off the 3 – day registration fee – especially for procrastinators (but don’t get cocky, I won’t do this every event). Once those are applied there will be no more for this event. So, these are first come, first served.

To grab one of these discount vouchers call Jo Ann at the East-West Seminars office ASAP and you will be in like flint.

Call 1-888-803-7397 today.

Best Regards, Darren Starwynn 

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