Attn: Minnesota area practitioners: get in under the wire and earn 24 CEUs

I hope you don’t feel neglected because East-West Seminars has not offered an event in your area since 2006.  Nothing personal – and now we are going to make up for it.  The next Microcurrent & Vibrational Medicine Symposium will be in Minneapolis on September 27 – 29 – Woo Hoo for you!

At this year’s Symposium you can learn Functional Medicine and the Ideal Weight Program, Pain Mastery Sequence Therapy, Energy Light Rejuvenation and Mu-Shu Color Acupuncture.

There is one “secret ingredient” you can add to your practice that could boost your clinical results beyond your expectations.  That is the integration of Vibrational Medicine into the techniques you already do.  Vibrational Medicine is one of the most direct and powerful healing systems, and uses frequency microcurrent, color light, sound healing and more.  Those who have studied these remarkably powerful principles and applied them have enjoyed superior results for pain relief, weight loss, functional medicine and facial rejuvenation.

Several of the skills you will learn at this year’s Symposium can also readily create new streams of income – something well worth thinking about.  See below for what will be offered in Minneapolis.

Wondering what the event costs to attend?  Now I’ll tell you how you can get in “under the wire”.   Due to many increasing costs for putting on these events I have had to increase the registration fees these for Symposiums, starting with the Minneapolis event.  Because you are on our preferred opt in list, however I am going to give you a chance to get a huge discount by registering early.  And I mean huge.

The new 3 day registration fee is $795.  If you pre-register by September 9 you can get a 47% discount.  This huge discount is only offered to a limited number of people on my list, and once that number is reached it will be gone.  We can’t give it to everyone.  You can make sure you get one of the codes by calling the office right away at 1.888.803.7397.

To see the seminar page and register click here.

Take a look at the instructors and what you will learn at the 2013 Symposium

Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.  Pain Mastery Sequence Therapy, Post-Stroke and Other Neurological Degenerative Protocols, Root and Branch Vibrational Medicine

This hands-on training will put your practice on the “extraordinary results” level.  Darren has over 30 years clinical experience and has led over 200 trainings on 3 continents.  He is also an inventor of advanced technologies and has published two leading-edge books.  You will learn how to address the Spirit and tap into the power of Intention to better help you get positive results with your most challenging patient cases.

Debra Weiss, L.Ac., RN  Functional Medicine and the Ideal Weight Program

Participants will learn:

  • A highly effective, proven system for weight loss and health improvement that combines vibrational medicine, nutrition, detox, ph balancing, emotional reprogramming and more
  • Clear instructions how to get plenty of referrals from medical physicians for “Therapeutic Lifestyle Change” programs.  This can greatly augment your income

Debi has an abundance of experience in the worlds of both Western medicine (30+ years experience) and Chinese medicine (12+ years).  She is an excellent and very clear teacher.

Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.  Energy Light Rejuvenation, Cellulite Reduction, Body Sculpting

Participants will learn everything they need to know to offer this highly profitable service that will magnetize many new client referrals, and bring your previous patients back for more.

To see the seminar page and register click here.  Or call the friendly staff at East-West Seminars:



Comments from past East-West Seminars:

Thank you for a fabulous seminar.  I truly enjoyed it, learned a tremendous amount of information and started setting appointments.
Dale Kanterman, zL.Ac.

While I am ever mindful to reserve expectations, this seminar was more than I could have imagined it to be.  Many of the techniques will be very useful in my practice and everyday life.  It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful for your time and energy.   Marlene Bair, L.Ac., Houston, TX

I am very happy to meet Dr. Starwynn and Jo Ann.  They led me to another spiritual space and healing energy spectrum huge and limitless.  I just opened a new window in my healing field and I am very excited about newer, broader and deeper (spiritual, physical, emotional energy fields) journey in my future life.  Thank you very much!      Min-Sung Ahn, L.Ac., Dallas, TX

This is my fifth live seminar and I am still getting new information and reinforcing what I learned previously.  Everyone at East-West Seminars is very knowledgable and helpful.  Because of the great support I am comfortable using it and my patients appreciate that I have it to offer to them. Thanks to all of you, I hope you will come back to Austin!    Melinda Tybor, L.Ac., Wimberly, TX

I learned so much!  I appreciate the level of detail and the great support materials and references for further study.  Darren is extremely generous with his knowledge.    Carol Jackson, L.Ac., Austin, TX

A fantastic presentation, right pace…very clear—I really liked the use of different ways of presentations, ie written material – slides, video, demonstration. The more senses the better learning. I loved his sense of humor..   Patricia Okacza

I want to thank you for your amazing symposium this last weekend…   I have seen nothing short of miracles since Monday….
For eye conditions, periocarditis, post surgical pain, chronic inflammation and I resolved a 20 year old ankle injury last night while watching the olympics.  Completely gone!

Scott Sommer L.Ac.

“I was skeptical about this method until I personally experienced the result immediately and longer effect which gave me hope that a lot of my patients who had severe conditions treated with acupuncture unsuccessfully will have hope to be helped again”  Ligaya Gruspe , PhD, Lac, Dipl Ac

“This presentation exceeded my expectation. The format is very well layed out and over the 3 day period. I have never met someone as smart and well versed in healing as Darren. While there is a lot of information, because of Darren’s depth of understanding he keeps it from being overwhelming and makes it extremely accessible no matter your field; plus he keeps it fun”  Colleen McGovern

“This is the best seminar I have attended.  Dr. Starwynn put a lot of information and various techniques all together that I have been interested in, into an easy, understandable method that works great.  Remarkable seminar!”  Connie Martin-Easterling, L.Ac., Royal Oaks, CA

“Great seminar, really learned a lot…You got me excited again about my profession”   Patricia Horvath, L.Ac., Centennial, CO

“This seminar exceeded my expectations in every way!  I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned.”    Katherine Ray, L.Ac.,Minneapolis,MN

“Inspiring mix of modern technology and ancient knowledge.”  –  Steve Compton, L.Ac.,Minneapolis,MN

“I appreciated the clear presentation of science.”  – Dr. Patricia Amrhein,Santa Monica,CA

Upcoming Live East-West Seminars

  • Minneapolis, MN  September 27 – 29   Microcurrent & Vibrational Medicine Symposium:  Pain Mastery Sequence Therapy, Ideal Weight Program, Energy Light Rejuvenation 24 CEUS
  • Columbia, MD  October 18 – 20   Microcurrent & Vibrational Medicine Symposium:  Pain Mastery Sequence Therapy, Psycho-Emotional Healing System, Energy Light Rejuvenation 24 CEUS
  • San Francisco, CA  November 15 – 17   Microcurrent & Vibrational Medicine Symposium:  Pain Mastery Sequence Therapy, Ideal Weight Program, Energy Light Rejuvenation 24 CEUS
  • Maui, HI  December 6 – 8   Microcurrent & Vibrational Medicine Symposium:  Pain Mastery Sequence Therapy, unspecified subject, Energy Light Rejuvenation 24 CEUS