Advanced Facial and Whole Body Rejuvenation Training

facerejuvJoin Jane Mann, as she takes you behind the scenes and shows you how she built her highly successful facial and whole body rejuvenation practice, from scratch.

In these two 90 minute videos along with transcripts and customized input forms, Jane, with assistance from Dr. Darren Starwynn,  will guide you through the maze of contradictory, insufficient, and often confusing general information available – and show you the steps you need to take to build a successful rejuvenation business.

These are hands-on sessions include methods and principles you can apply right now to your practice to start raising the level of your client results immediately.

What does the training include? 

The entire package of 2 videos, complete transcripts of each  presentation, and two intake forms is available for a total cost $67.00.,  a savings of 14% over the cost of each video individually.

To purchase the Advanced Facial and Whole Body Rejuvenation Training Package click on this link.  Once the payment has been processed you’ll be taken to a page with links to the videos,  transcripts and the intake forms.

These videos and accompanying material can be purchased separately, details are below.

Video #1: 5 Vital Ways to Improve Facial Rejuvenation Results

This video covers:

  • What is needed for a good intake consultation and why they are so important
  • Accessing facial muscles to determine the most effective techniques –  NOT the same for all clients
  • Skin nutrition – vital factors you need to include in your client treatment process – including diet and climate adjustments
  • Beauty from the inside out – how to use vibrational therapies such as microcurrent and light to ensure positive results
  • Facial rejuvenation techniques  – which ones work the best and under what conditions?

 Video #2: Customized Intake Form and Guidance for Best Results

In this video, you’ll get a practical, very useful intake tool for assessing individual clients and determining the best way to customize facial rejuvenation treatments for them.  When you order this video you’ll also receive the customized intake form created by Jane and Darren which you can start using immediately to assess your client’s needs and select optimal treatment methods.

This video covers:

  • Elements of a thorough esthetic intake
  • In depth review of the customized intake form -Including preparing the client, structuring the interview, the discovery process, and analyzing the data to determine the best treatment plan
  • How to determine when referrals to other professionals are needed
  • Review of the most effective microcurrent and light techniques and how to match them up with the information you receive from clients during the intake process
  • Role of nutritional supplements for improving facial rejuvenation results – and how to evaluate individual client needs
  • How to adapt recommendations to keep clients improving over the course of treatment.

Transcript and Customized Intake Form

You will also get complete transcripts of both presentations so you can study the material in depth.  Also included are the two intake forms Jane and Darren developed especially for this training course.

Together these two videos, the transcripts and the intake forms are only $67.00  –  

Click here to purchase the entire package.

Once your payment is received you’ll be directed to a page with a link to the videos,  the intake forms and transcripts.

What if I only want one of the videos?

The videos can be purchased separately.   Here are the details

If you only want to purchase Video #1  –  5 ways to improve your facial rejuvenation results – the cost is just $29.00  –  Click here to purchase Video #1 and the transcript only

If you only want to purchase Video #2 – Customized Intake Form and Guidance for Best Facial Rejuvenation Results –  the cost is $49.00 –  Click here to purchase Video #2, the transcript and the intake forms only