A simple way to improve extremity pain relief using meridian positioning with microcurrent

Most of the electro-therapy I witnessed during my education, and during visits to other practitioners, involves applying electrodes to patients while they are lying on a treatment table.   Electrodes were usually placed over local areas of pain or injury.  These same practitioners rarely spoke about their e-stim treatments because they rarely had results striking enough to talk about. 

Dr. Thomas Wing, one of the pioneers of microcurrent therapy in North America, had a better idea when he encouraged his students to use “microcurrents with motion”.  This is the practice of instructing a patient to move while microcurrent therapy is being applied.  Microcurrents with motion usually does produce superior results over passive stimulation.  It can be as simple as placing microcurrent pad electrodes around a painful or injured zone, starting the current and instructing the patient to move the area.  The superior results of microcurrents with motion are likely due to greater penetration of current during activity plus the faciliation of proprioceptive and neural feedback loops in the body while microcurrent is being applied.

One highly effective microcurrent with motion technique involves stimulating along affected meridian pathways while the patient is stretching them.  This method can provide excellent and rapid pain release and improved circulation.  Here is how to do it:

1.  Based on the location of pain or radiculopathy (radiating pain or numbness), determine which meridian most closely runs through the painful extremity area. 

2.  Set your microcurrent device to polarized probes setting (on Acutron use Probe preset #2).  Make sure you know which probe is + and which is -. 

3.  Place the + probe proximally (closer to the trunk of the body) along the affected meridian and the – probe distally (closer to the hands or feet).  You can select several segments of  the meridian to treat, some wider and some shorter.  One application could be + on the spinal nerve root  (Hua Tuo Jia Ji points) and – on the most distal reach of the pain.  Others can cover short segments along any section of the meridian.

4.  Ask the patient to stretch the meridian by extending or turning the extremity.  As long as you know the approximate pathway of the meridian you can understand how to do this easily.  For example, if there is pain or numbness along the Large Intestine channel of the right arm instruct the patient to hold their arm straight out away from his body and then rotate the hand with thumb moving backwards.  This will stretch the tissues along the pathway of the Large Intestine channel and Lung channel.

If the pain is along the Urinary Bladder channel of the leg you can apply the probes and then ask the patient to do a straight leg raise.  Also curl the toes backwards.  This will stretch the back of the legs and the UB channel.  While the patient is holding this position you can treat segments along the channel with + proximal and – distal.

That’s it.  Very simple and very powerful.  Try it, and ask the patient to rate his pain on the 0 – 10 scale before and after.

When using color therapy with your microcurrent (Microlight therapy) you have a few options for enhancing results further:

1.  Choose a color for the condition.  Examples:  Blue or Purple for inflammation, Yellow or Orange for numbness, Green for balancing muscle tone or Red for weakness or scar tissue energy blockage.

2.  Choose a Five Element related color.  Choose a color that matches the Element of the Organ the meridian is named after:

Red:  Can use for treating the Fire meridians of Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer or Pericardium

Blue:  Can use for treating the Water meridians of Kidney or Urinary Bladder

Green or Lemon:  Can use for treating the Wood meridians of Liver or Gall Bladder

White or Turquoise:  Can use for treating the Metal meridians of Lung or Large Intestine

Yellow or Orange:  Can use for treating the Earth meridians of Spleen or Stomach


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    Posted July 16, 2013 at 3:23 pm | Permalink

    Thanks! Micro-current with motion is great! It makes sense that it would work better than just a passive treatment. I’ll use it this week. I hope you’re settling in out there in California OK. Your move out there hasn’t slowed you down. I love and enjoy all you do.

  2. Simone Holmberg-C
    Posted July 17, 2013 at 10:55 am | Permalink

    Thank you Darren for pain relief tips.
    I just got my probes back from US and cant wait to treat people with pain problems,
    using your method with motion.
    Regards Simone

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