Varicose veins treatment protocol using Microlight therapy

Varicose veins are a common issue for aging people, especially those with sedentary lifestyles.  These unsightly, sometimes bluish veins become more visible and distended due to weakening of the veins and the valves within them.  This is aggravated by lack of exercise.   Exercise is what increases circulation and brings much more blood from the legs up into the body.

According to Chinese Medicine varicose veins are implicated with weak Spleen function, as the Spleen prevents prolapses when functioning well, and rules the muscles and connective tissues.  With this understanding we see the picture of many Americans with over-consumption of sweet and damp-forming foods weakening their Spleens while not exercising enough.  Such people are ripe for formation of varicose veins.

The only medical treatments for varicosities are surgical removal or blockage of the offending veins, a far from ideal treatment for maintaining good circulation and health.

Fortunately positive results can be had through non-invasive application of Microlight therapy.  Here is a suggested protocol using the Sequence Therapy principle.  Sequence Therapy involves using a series of techniques within a single treatment session, each of which builds on and amplifies each other’s effectiveness.   I teach Pain Mastery Sequence Therapy which is powerfully effective for pain relief, yet this same principle can be applied for many other conditions.

If there is bleeding, lumps or severe pain around the varicose veins send the patient to a physician specializing in vascular disease right away prior to administering microcurrent treatment.

Here is the protocol:

STEP ONE:  Microlight probe treatment Set up your microcurrent device for the following parameters:

Intensity:  75 – 150 µA

Polarity:  Biphasic

Waveform:  Modified Square is best.  This is a special waveform that has a short milliamp spike followed by a microcurrent square wave.  It is more aggressive for moving stagnancy than other microcurrent waveforms.

Frequency:  79 Hz, the Van Gelder frequency for veins.

Color light: Use Lemon, Magenta or Indigo.  It is best to muscle test to confirm the most therapeutic color.  One of the properties of Magenta is to promote blood circulation.

Timer:  15 seconds If using the Acutron Microlight system select Probe Preset #1 (Circling the Dragon) and modify the waveform, timer and frequency to these settings.

Technique:  Circle the Dragon around the affected veins.  Palpate for tender points, if any, and focus on them. Treat the Root as well by balancing the Spleen or other dysfunctional Organs.  The Microlight Mu-Shu technique is a wonderful, rapid way to do that

STEP TWO:  Lifting Wands This set of polished metal bars is helpful for body sculpting and cellulite reduction treatments.  They are also useful for treatment varicosities.  Use the same parameters as indicated above for probe treatment, except set the time for 5 or 10 minutes.

Start treatment and stroke upward over all the varicose veins.  Use one bar over the varicose veins and one on the opposite aspect of the leg.  You can also treat two different veins at the same time, stroking upwards for each.  Total treatment time:  5 – 10 minutes.  5 minutes will be plenty for most people in this sequence.

STEP THREE:  Pads with specific frequencies Finish with pad electrodes to flood the area.  Use 50 – 100 µA intensity, square waveform, biphasic polarity.    Use two to four sets of pads cris-crossing over the varicose areas.  You can have two sets of pads crossing on one leg and two sets on the other leg. In this protocol you will run different frequencies on Channels A and B.  Run each set of frequencies for 5 – 10 minutes, then switch to next set.  If you use Channels C and D to treat the other leg at the same time copy these same settings to those channels (shown in parentheses).

CH A (C) :  84 (Varicose veins, thrombosis)   CH B (D)   79 Hz (veins)

CH A (C)    14  (swelling, edema)                          CH B (D)  79 CH

A (C)  139  (Varicose veins, prolapse)              CH B (D)   79 CH

A (C)  103  (Blood)                                                    CH B (D)   79

Supportive treatments

Exercise is a prime necessity for treating and preventing varicosities.  Walking is essential.  Putting legs up more often when at rest and massage of the legs is also very helpful.

Several herbs can strengthen the effects of this treatment:

Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum):  When taken internally reduces blood vessel fragility and adjusts bleed vessel permeability.  Can reduce swelling, bruising, spider veins, leg cramps and varicose veins.   Typical dosages:  30 – 40 drops of extract in water 2 – 3 times a day or 600 mg of powdered herbs.

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis):  An astringent that can be used topically to reduce appearance and swelling of varicose veins.

Grapeseed extract contains powerful anti-oxidants that can promote healthy vein and capillary function and also reduce varicosities and bruising. As with any use of medicine patients using any of these herbs should be carefully monitored.  If any adverse reactions are noted the herb should be immediately discontinued.

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